Warthunder crew soundmod

Ive had a crew sound mod that was working for every country, like if you were playing USA the gunner would scream in english etc (Voices were from other games like CoD, CoH, GHPC, etc) , and every radio message voice interaction was modded, . ( I think that was ThunderCrew mod but Im not sure). But now with the new Update it broke, and I have the original crew voices, so i wonder if there are any mods like these, or if I can somehow update the mod so it will be working with the current game verison. I need help with this pls help. Add me on discord so i can explain it more cleary | Discord - neafy1

This is why it’s unwise to use mods and expect them to work through patches…

It’s the mod, it’ll need updating and fixing on thier end.

Welp the mod that I used worked for 2 Years and it was Perfectly fine, now after Seek n Destroy update it broke

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Indeed, it broke… So you want to uninstall it for the moment, and hope the creator or you can actually fix it…

This is the issue with patches and updates in this regard.

all these comments are wrong it’s not the mod warthunder them self’s have disabled ALL mods this update

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Bạn có thể chỉ cho tôi biết làm cách nào để sử dụng mod mà tôi đã chỉnh sửa từ fmod không ? tôi đang không biết làm cách nào để sử dụng mod âm thanh mà mình làm ra