Warthunder 200 gb on my disk ?!

as i know the game is 100 etc gb…yesterday after 3 times confirimg files failure , the launcher started to download again ,i think thats not normal size 200 gb, sthing wrong ,maybe should delete some files ?? here a screenshot of the files https://ibb.co/9nWr9Jp

the …\update\ folder should be (almost) empty when the update has been applied successfully.
so it appears as if something went wrong on your last update.

btw when running the game from Steam you shouldn’t use the (standalone) launcher if possible

By any chance did you click on the “Full ultra quality” version? That is a extra 99 gb

on the launcher it is on full ( 100.3 gb ) .

so should i delete all what is in the folder …i think i will delete and if anything goes wrong , i will delete all and install again ( what should i backup before i delete all game , like confg or ? ) you mean with i should start just from steam or just from launcher and not stimes change between them …cause stime i start from steam ,stime from the launcher maybe thats the cause for all this garbage situation. thnx for help

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