Warrior (TES) - Modification or New Vehicle

Warrior (TES) Package ((as a modification))

Hey! This time I’d like to talk about the Warrior (TES) - Much the same as the Challenger 2, the Warrior also had its own TES package that came in the form of the WRAP 2 ERA/Cage/Slat armour package complete with its own jamming station and applique plate on the front both with NERA elements.


These warriors were used extensively in Afghanistan, though much like the challenger 2, the protective ERA is primarily for chemical munitions. This warrior would not change much compared to the one currently in the game, except for adding a bit more protection when it comes to chemical munitions as thus it would be a great modification for the current warrior in the game.

I don’t think that it would add enough for a BR change though I may be wrong but at most a change from 8.3 to 8.7 or 9.0 ((at a push… it really doesn’t need a higher br)). This would give the warrior something that few other IFV’s have in the game, that being relatively good protection ((from the sides)), which would be a good counter to the fact it has no stabilizer and a slow fire rate. This vehicle should be able to be used with the challenger 2’s in the game in my opinion despite its drawbacks, and this brings it up to a fighting standard with them while also being a fully realistic addition to the vehicle. Worst case scenario, keep the current warrior as is, and add the Warrior (TES) as a separate vehicle, much like we have the Challenger 2 and the Challenger 2 (TES) as separate entities, allowing the current warrior to keep its BR with this one being at a new BR slightly above.

My initial proposal would be to move the current “Additional Protection” modification to Rank III, and then directly connect it to this WRAP 2 modification as a Rank IV. Much like how the T-80B you have to research “Smoke grenades” before you are allowed to research the “Kontakt-I” you’d have to research the Composite before you can research the WRAP 2. This would give the vehicle a new lease of life for some players, and would be a great filler until we see the infamous British Light Tank line!

Below are various pictures of the WRAP 2 Warrior, for your perusal.


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If you would like to see it, but have a better idea on the method of its addition, I’d love to read what you think. I try and read all the replies to my posts, and interaction helps! thanks for reading and keep tanking!

edit: If anyone votes for it to be a new vehicle, maybe folder the ZT3A2 with the Striker as they are both ATGM carriers, and add this as a folder vehicle with the Warrior! I think that would clean up the tech tree nicely and make it fit well!

More Weight for no protection. Lets go. Nice suggestion nonetheless.

Did you mean to post this in Machinery of War?

yes! appologies. would love to see it still! might protect against… SOME heat-fs… some…

Also less AT, as there’s no room for the milan field mod.

even the basic warrior has never fielded the Milan. not a single one had it in Iraq or Afghanistan, so I think we can creatively say that it could have it.

Im always down to see stuff like this. Maybe if thwy add this that dainsih cv9035 can get its armor used in afghan

The warrior we have in game is one of the 10 field modded warriors from Desert Storm, so I’m not sure what you mean by the basic warrior not fielding a mounted milan

Eye candy.



The Warrior we have in game is based on those, it has several differences.

Would be nice to see some cleaning up and diversity in the tree, current UK and ZA vehicles mimic each other quite frequently.

Not sure how familiar you are with the various upgrades to Warrior but the TES might not be a very good addition on its own. In addition, some of the pictures you’re using show the Warrior TES(H), which is a significantly improved version compared to TES.

I’d rather suggest the OES3 as it collates the upgrades and UORs from Afghanistan into the latest version of Warrior built for conventional warfare, but the earlier models might still have a place in WT. You’re very welcome to come to the Warrior Discussion Thread to discuss it.