Warrior 8.3 why?

How the feck did it get pushed up there? It’s awful. Sure it has thermals, but otherwise it does nothing better than the early Marder, which is 7.7.

simple answer, its a british vehicle.


Was going to say the exact same thing. Take any British vehicle. And its probably 0.3-0.7 BR higher than the next closest equivalent on another nations tree. Tornado F3 had a higher BR than the Tornado ADV in SB until it was pointed out to them. They are the same aircraft

Much better main gun, and it’s thermals are pretty good. The lack of stab is a pain, but it’s not as much an issue on an IFV as it is on a MBT.

Almost everything from everyone went up so its going to face mostly the same battles. Far worse then the warrior in this change was the centurions and caernarvons. Cent. Mk3, mk5 and caernarvon are now the same br as conqueror and the mk.10 centurion is higher br then conqueror while the fv4202 is a lowet br then them!! All will higher reload time then realistic and shell shattering on tanks much lower br then they now face.

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At least there is still a very strong 6.7 lineup now. And not forgetting to use all 8.3s you will be buying A LOT of extra slots.

8.3 and 7.7 seem ridiculous now!

Uptiering and overtiering tanks to the point they are basicly pointless into one single br doesnt make it a strong br. A strong br is better with fewer great tanks the lots of overtiered tanks.

Edit: whats this very stron 6.7 lineup you mentioned. Im not at home but just checking the wiki the only 6.7 is the tortoise. Everything else went up so you have to play 7.0 to play 1 pretty good tank and some questionable tanks or uptier a 6.3 and 6.0 lineup of 17pdrs into 6.7 and 7.7 battles.

I was being sarcastic on both fronts.

-Dissimilar powered vehicles all sharing 8.3 (and so the ludicrous position of far too many 8.3s).

-The BR of 6.7 being the Tortoise and the Ratel 20 (compared to a fair few other nations 6.7s, some in particular that have people crying murder how unfair their 6.7 lineups are/were). Imagine knowing in a 6.7 that all your top BR are GB! (Yes in reality 6.3s would be used but the 6.7s themselves are more quirky than useful).

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Apologies, didnt pick up on the sarcasm.