Warbonds for the "Northern King" Battle Pass!

The Warbond shop for “The Northern King Battle Pass” season will be open from April 24th until July 24th.

We’re presenting an interesting range of items that are available for Warbonds and earned in the Battle Pass! There’s decals, decorations, camouflages, a brand-new pinup, and some premium vehicles.

Take note of the American T14 heavy tank that combines impressive survivability with good mobility and decent firepower!

The War Bond Shop is available from Rank III and is part of the Battle Pass. You buy goods with a special currency - War Bonds, which can be obtained by unlocking Battle Pass levels.

M3A3 (1st RTG) (China)

A "Stuart" with a unique camouflage of the Chinese-American 1st Reserve Tank Group. It is extremely mobile and ideal for capturing points and attacking as a group.

Project 123K (A-11)

The experimental Project 123K (A-11) torpedo boat is fast and, thanks to its fins, rides the waves stably, which means it can shoot more accurately than fin-less boats. But it is best suited for quickly capturing remote points.

Wellington Mk.Ic (Germany)

A British twin-engined bomber that was taken by the Germans as a trophy. It cannot compete with other aircraft, but its good survivability and impressive bomb load will allow it to complete its combat mission with honor!

Thunderbolt Mk.1 (Britain)

The US P-47 in service with the Royal Air Force. An excellent high-speed fighter, capable of playing the role of an attack aircraft thanks to its combination of flight characteristics and an impressive arsenal of weapons.

RN Tigre (Italy) - first time in the store

With one main-caliber salvo, the Tiger can inflict significant damage on the enemy. The main thing is to find cover for reloading and skillfully alternate between high-explosive and armor-piercing high-explosive shells.

T14 (USA)

A heavy tank prototype jointly developed by the United States and Great Britain. Excellent armor with screens and corners, a large-caliber machine gun, a reliable penetrating weapon with a stabilizer and an armor-piercing projectile to combat other heavy weapons.

Pinup “Gemini Zodiac"

Decals include a trophy with tiger themed decals, as well as a new Gemini Zodiac pinup, continuing the series of themed decals. In the "Camouflage" trophy you will find decorations that will help hide your tank from the eyes of enemies. The player icons in the corresponding trophy this time depict tank crews from the USSR. Trophies with random camouflages, as before, become available as new store levels are unlocked.

A large number of usable items are also available in the store: boosters, universal backups, wagers and orders, rental of premium vehicles, and also at higher levels of the store - talismans.

You can see the full catalog of the Warbonds store for the current season, as well as the conditions for receiving them in the game by opening the Battle Pass window or “Store” → “Warbonds Store”.


I was wondering when we would see that Gemini decal. I’m going to get it.

leaked missile trust!!!

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10 minute matawg video incoming


thats too little

For every 10 minutes matawg takes is 20 minutes for TEC


It will be a good time for Chinese TT players with 3 unlockable vehicles at the moment

These Warbond vehicles require way too much time to be worth it anymore. Gaijin is losing touch with reality…


A few thoughts on the Naval offerings…

The ships -

Pr.123K (A-11) - a more steady gun platform than the standard boat, but it’s also a little slower. The big negative however is it’s at the lower Tier II which limits its usefullness in dailies. Still good for a naval noob if you haven’t reached the TT version.

RN Tiger - Better secondaries than Leone, Tier III, will be a small boost for an unspectacular Italian 4.3 lineup. But it’s still not a great ship, WW1 era main guns aren’t the best, generally lack lustre performance, difficult opposition at its BR. Overall meh.

The planes -

German Wellington. It’s a standard Wellie 1c but limited to 250/500lb bombs only. As the big bombs was the planes selling point in the British tree it’s probably best left to the collectors.

British Thunderbolt. It’s a razerback P-47D and there’s little wrong with that. Except you may just prefer the Firefly F1 which better suits naval, at least in arcade.

The Tanks -

If your buying tanks for Naval I suggest a rethink!

Will I buy any???..None are spectacular but as I have 3k coupons banked I only need level 1 and I can treat the Tigre as a free addition. Any after that will likely go towards a talisman.

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At least there are bushes, I suppose…

Good BP. It will give me an opportunity to get some rest from WT. Its a plus!

You collect them incidentally if you are high enough level (“gud 'nuf”) to complete the BP.
The rest of us? Yeah, not so much.

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I always get the Zodiac pinups. IDK why, but I just like to collect them.
According to the newest datamine, they are planning to possibly reward players collecting them with special decal.
Courtesy of u/SwannSwanchez

Where T-14 for UK?


Some good War Bond rewards

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Except for those of us been here long enough to have them already…

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The warbond shop is trying to appeal to players, if doesn’t matter if you have a vehicle or not

And again in English please?

there is a little ‘but’:
Britain has dozen of its own premium planes around Thunderbolts BR.
T14 doesnt really have a lineup.