Warbond talisman crates

Has anyone ever bought a talisman crate from the warbond shop and received something good or was it for a Rank I or II? They cost a lot of warbonds for what could be a limited reward.

IIRC they have specific Tiers - you won’t get a T1 talisman if you buy a T5 crate.

But you might get a Talisman for something you’re not really interested in.

That said, Talismans cost lots of GE, so if yo are a completionist and think you are going to put a Talisman on everything sooner or later, then you are saving real money by spending warbonds.

If you’re in the rank 1-3 grind then perhaps it might be worth a try. Although, I would always consider trying to get a premium vehicle from the warbond shop. I think that would be more “value” over time.

I also have at least 5 talismans on reserve vehicles, and another 5+ on 1.0/1.3 vehicles (from match random chests, not the warbond shop) when I had plenty of tier 3,4 and some 5 vehicles, so I am quite dubious (to put it politely) of the whole random gambling system and wouldn’t bother with it :)

You get talismans of a specific rank from each crate. i get the rank 5 talismans for ground and air in each battlepass, and generally have enough warbonds to get either one of the premium vehicles if there is one that takes my fancy or one of the rank 4 talismans. It is effectively a dice roll as to what you get the talisman on, but for someone who plays their way through the trees and spades as they go, these talismans are very useful. The only downside is that vehicles can move in rank, so in one of the battlepasses i got a rank 5 talisman on the Jagdtiger, but that has since moved down to rank 4 so the talisman is less useful now.

Thanks all. Still on the fence since I don’t last long at Rank V but we’ll see how many Warbonds I end up with. I did get a random talisman as a battle reward for the F-84G but at br 7.7 I’m not sure how useful it will be.

F-84’s are very useful if you ever get to that level - that’s actually a good one!! :)

I barely survive at 6.7, 7.7 is going to be pure pain.