War Thunder's Swedish SPAA Nightmare: 4,000 Hours of Aim Frustration – Rage Unleashed!

Alright, War Thunder, we’ve got some serious issues to hash out here! Four thousand hours deep into this madness, and a solid half of that time feels like I’m trying to perform brain surgery with a sledgehammer using these Swedish SPAA guns, especially the #%$& 40mm Lvtgb m/40m, ANTI II, Lvkv 42 up to VEAK 40. Attempting to aim with these contraptions is like trying to thread a needle on a bull!

And, oh, the grand revelation – when I decide to ditch this Swedish circus and roll with the good ol’ USA, suddenly, I’m the Michael Jordan of shooting planes out of the sky. But here’s the kicker, the cherry, and the whole damn sundae: the Americans don’t even get those bougie SAP shells. So, why in the flaming hellscape are the supposedly ‘original’ Swedish guns giving me an ulcer?

I’m launching these ‘Swedish’ shells into the digital abyss, praying for a miracle, but hitting planes feels like trying to hit a mosquito with a bazooka.

So, War Thunder overlords and devs, we’re not playing hide and seek here. Is there a secret master class for aiming with these ‘original’ Swedish guns, or did someone swap out my mouse for a potato? I need answers, and I need them yesterday. Let’s cut through the digital red tape and make these Swedish skies less of a migraine-inducing circus, before I lose what’s left of my sanity!

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