War Thunder Wiky share program. Ded?

I have ben wating for 3 months to be accepted to the program. Still wating

IDK, I was in the programme back ago, went off War Thunder for a while, but I was never kicked from the programme, yet when I came back to editing wiki I didn’t get any rewards. And still don’t get anything.

It very much seems like the thing died out quite a while ago.

Hello, the Wiki Share Program is very much alive and well. You will be contacted if and when your application is successful, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Please PM me if you wish to discuss this!


Thx. But out of curiosity, do you work for war thunder or gajin?

And i get contacted here? And i get contacted if im rejected?

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If you took the time to read the page on war thunder wiki on the wiki team you would know the anwser.

I did it alredy