War Thunder stutters in matches

When playing a few matches, the game will start stuttering like there’s no tomorrow. It happens without a warning and it continues until I close the game. The game freezes for a few seconds, then continues like normal for another few seconds and freezes again.

My PC isn’t the problem: my gpu is a RTX 2080 Ti Strix, cpu is Ryzen 5800x3D and I have 32 gb of ram. Game is installed to a Samsung 990 Pro ssd.

This problem started around March of this year. I didn’t ANY problems similar to this during the Winter, Autumn or last Summer. I have deleted the game cache, tried to lower graphics settings (even though I am fairly sure 2080 Ti + 5800x3D + 32 gb of ram is enough) without success.

I play at 1440p max settings and the game gets 150-230 fps. I think many other players have similar stutters with the game too, but is there anything that could solve this?

In NVidia control panel, turn on VSYNC war Warthunder.exe (ACES), and turn it on in-game. I used to have the first one on “use 3D app setting”. It was unplayable for me despite my high end pc, too much stuttering. Now it i way smoother. Still some stuttering but way less bothering

I don’t like to use V-sync but guess I can try it here. I already use G-sync.

this started happening to me around a month ago as well.

for me, this is happening because of instant replay. if I turn it off, it’s fine. if I restart my PC, it can work fine with instant replay on sometimes. Tried DDU’ing my drivers, then going back to some drivers from mid march, worked for a few days, then… same thing.

I seem to remember having this before as well, a few years ago. I guess they just break something sometimes with an update, only game that does it as well.

3600X, 3080, 32GB of ram, game on an nvme ssd… yup (:

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Yeah, it is annoying. I hope they will fix it in the future, maybe even in the next update?