War Thunder RWR sound mod

So i got a sound mod that changes all RWR sound of War Thnder. Sadly its a older sound mod and the new update has new rwr sound wich is not in the sound mod. so i want to add One sound, but i dont know how. i can change some sounds with FMOD but the sounds i have imported are the normal war thunder sounds. so i want to change only 1 sound. the missel launch rwr warning. But i dont know how to edit the .bank file of the sound mod to just change/add that 1 sound. if somebody can help, thanks

I managed to look at all the sounds the mod have and made them to a .wav file so you can hear it. and to my suprise the mod has a missel launch warning but it is not playing when a missel is launched at me. thats because mod is older i guess.but i still need to know how to add that missel warning sound the the soundmod and activate it so i hear it ingame

Check this one or download one from War Thunder Live:

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I have watched the Video but i dont really understand how to import only the .bank files and edit only 1 bank file with FMOD studio. because i cant import the .bank file and see the audios that are in there. i want to edit a downloaded sound mod as i said.

Sorry I can’t help you with specifics, suggest you contact the maker of the video.

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