War thunder registration bundle not working

I wasn’t really sure where to post this question, but here seemed like the best place. I know many of the new player registration bundles work when existing players use them and they can receive some of the bonuses, as well as that big debate a while back. My question is about the bundle in this image:

This bundle seems like one that would provide existing players with at least the skins and decorator, but I have tried multiple times to redeem it without success receiving anything from it. earlier today i also used a Russian new player registration bundle and received the vehicle skins and decal it included, so my question is about if the skins and decorator in this bundle can be given to existing players who also use it. I tried a couple of days ago, and the video I found the link on in the description is only 4 days old at the time I’m posting this, so it should still be valid. I waited multiple hours between activation attempts without any success. Any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve also redeemed that code, and didn’t get the M4 or the P-40 skin… It sucks as I collect all the skins and decals from these things.

that’s what i redeemed it specifically for, did you get the decorator?

I’ll have to check when I log back in soon, but yea, I’d guess that I didn’t get that either…

(Edit - Yea, nah, didn’t get it… The M4 and the P-40-E skin is in the US normal tree lineup for this one?)

i assume it is, it should be. i guess someone should bug report it given that the russian link of the same type and age works fine

You only get those skins if your a new player.

But the other bundles in the past still gave the skins, decals, and decorators, its just specifically this one bonus that doesnt work

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“I want muh freedom skins!”