War thunder randomly makes my entire system lag to the point I have to force reboot

Why does this happen? I play for say 15 minutes in a custom lobby having fun and suddenly the audio keeps playing normally while the entirety of my PC slows down, the lights on the keyboard stutter, the screen takes ten seconds to refresh every single action and after spending ten minutes waiting between the moment I pressed Exit to the point I see the desktop screen I try to do anything and everything goes slow and stepped.

I would start with temperatures. Does other games do this?

same thing happens to me

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it’s not the temperature, it’s the RAM memory, my PC gpu never went higher than 60 celsius and the CPU neither, when I restart the PC it goes smooth again. It’s the game filling up the RAM (maxed RAM causes the entire system to act up)

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You can try to delete the registry files of WT.

How much ram do you have?

Since one of the recent patches I’ve been having random frame drops in game. Frames will drop for 1-2 seconds from 370 to about 50-30 and lower.

I think it’s on WT’s end, as my system is more than enough for WT.

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it definitely war thunder not my set up

Are you using your PC as a heater?

Yeah it’s great in these winter months.

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I’ve got a couple of fps drops since the last couple days too.

Imo it’s one of Gaijin’s latest updates, because everything else runs just fine and smooth.

Got no temp problems at my part, as well as no software conflicts.

I tried a clean download of the game as well as new GPU drivers. Didn’t made any difference.

Win 10
i7 9900KS@5,5GHz AllCore
64GB RAM 3600
EVGA 3090.
Installed on a 2TB M2 NVME

Core Temp around 60, GPU around 65 as usual.

Not the first time this game keeps lagging / drops fps after an update.

It’s the same here. FPS drops only last a few seconds. It seems the problem has been present since the last WT update.

Maybe they’ve configured their EAC to be a little bit more aggressive…

If it’s their EAC (wich was causing stuttering a while ago) i’ve got no problem with it.

Get a couple of fps dips, while getting a better overall game experience is a trade i would love to do.


It’s the game, the same thing is happening to me, since the last update there are FPS drops from time to time.
Let’s hope they fix it soon.

Nvidia or AMD? I use the nvidia control panel (global settings) to limit the fps to 60fps. My 3090 isn’t screaming anymore and my energy bills are low this way.

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32gb and an RTX 2060, if it can render realtime with Redshift at 1080p path tracing it does enough with Dagor engine

do you mean the screen itself? Or limit the game settings? I work in the 3d industry and need very fluent playback and I don’t mind playing at 60fps

there is no FPS drop, just literal global system jamming

I think the nvidia control panel overrides the game settings and WT has no FPS limiter so that was the only way for me to go.


I think something might be wrong with your game files.You can try to delete warthunder’s registry files from registry editor.It’s totally safe just make a backup before you delete anything from registry.

Also you can try to lower texture quality that would reduce some load from your RAM.