War Thunder Randomly Closing Itself

Every once in a while my client just closes itself. No crash log, nothing. It just closes as if I was done playing and was getting off. Doubt its my PC since it only happens with War Thunder, none of my other games do this. Anyone have a fix or is also experiencing this?

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What background apps do you use? These include any screen capture software, antivirus, screen overlay and similar.

Only background app I currently have is OBS studio but I have not had it running when these events happen.

We’ve had reports and confirmed that OBS Studio, SteelSeries GG Moments and similar software cause such a crash (sudden disappearance of game without any message).

Can you try completely disabling OBS Studio to see if it helps?

its happening to me too pretty anoying…

Has been doing this to me for the last 4 days or so. Just shuts down completely mid match. No errors at all.

yeah, happened to me too, but mine only happens when I start a game. the error notification just said “client_64.DLL” and nothing else, when I opened up the file it just said “This program cannot be run in DOS mode.” I have no idea what that means