War thunder not intaking any inputs

I played war thunder earlier today. I took a pause for around 5 hours. Then i launched the game and i could just not do anything, not click nor press any keys.

Steam launched.
Verified games files.
Restarted computer.
Reinstalled mouse and keyboard drives.


I have also used 3 different Mouses

I’m also experiencing the same issue here. I also tried launching War Thunder on its own launcher, reinstalling it, and moving it to my SSD. None of them worked and its still not taking any inputs from both mouse and keyboard in the hanger screen.

A weird thing too is that I can somehow only click/interact with the game if I keep alt-tabbing and spamming click on the menus. And yes, I also tried changing screen resolutions and fullscreen, windowed, and windowed fullscreen and none of them solved the input issue.

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It got updated recently so maybe they broke something

Yeah, we have the exact same problem. Im am stuck in the hangar/main menu. but i can click if i spam Alt+Tab

Possibly, because it happened after the update.

Also having issues. Verifying Game Cache on steam has a 50/50 chance of fixing the problem but only for a single game session.

exact same issue here and the alt-tabbing I have aswell. I restart pc/game for a million times and if I get lucky it works again…
Until I close the game and want to play later again

Found the answer on reddit. Close overwolf with task manager, I uninstalled overwolf a few months ago but it still launches with the game for some reason. Hope that helps y’all.


It worked, I closed Overwolf on the task manager and I can click again. Thanks man!