War Thunder Multipathing

Multipathing in war thunder is unrealistic and should be changed or even removed !

Even google is smarter than Gajin.


Multipathing and Ground Absorption should stay the way it currently is until we get modern countermeasures


This, feel like people are annoyed their missiles are missing but not considering that everyone elses will be hitting too


Defending from Fox 3’s is currently extremely consistent, they are very susceptible to chaff and can be defeated with defensive manoeuvres fairly easily. We don’t need the 100 meter safety blanket anymore.


I seriously doubt the people asking for reduced Multipathing are failing to consider that it would mean they’re also susceptible to radar missiles.

It’s a dumb balancing mechanic, and it’s time for it to go.


I think even reducing the safety blanket to 50m would be fine.

That way, tree huggers (guilty lol) would still get their safety, but at least it would take morr skill to actually hug the trees, unlike now, where mildly being anywhere near the ground negates any radar missile from landing on its target.

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I did not know it was 100m but I knew to stay low so I was trimming vegetation in my su25bm lol. Still died to the fighters once they closed in though.