War Thunder Mobile Won't Run

Not ‘Assistant’. There’s no forum for WTM though, so…

The requirements are stated to be such:

▻ System - Android 10, 64-bit
▻ RAM - 4 GB
▻ CPU - Snapdragon 665 / Mediatek Helio P65 or equivalent 64-bit ARM processor
▻ GPU - Adreno 610/2 core Mali-G52 or equivalent GPUs with Vulkan support

I have a OnePlus 5T running LineageOS since OnePlus long since discontinued support for the 5T’s Oxygen branch.

So I have Android 13, 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 835, the only area my phone is deficient is the GPU which is only a 540, but even then… it still has Vulkan support, so that shouldn’t be a problem right?

Well, the game just says ‘some requirements not met’ and then closes right away and I don’t understand why this is.

My only guess is it’s because my phone is rooted since I have had other software fail to run because of this.

Is this the case, is it just because my phone’s rooted? I’d prefer not to have to buy a new phone just to play this game…


This is the desktop/console version of War Thunder, please refer to the official Discord server of the game or contact Gaijin Support for your issue