War Thunder Mobile - What is the real problem with the Requirements?

My new Android 13 smartphone
“Motorola moto g54 5G”

I dont find the app on GooglePlay, and I install it by other APK providers, I get the error message “error. Your device is below some requirements”

Adverising, 2023-05

War Thunder Mobile can be played on most Android 10 and later devices with a minimum of 4 GB RAM

Obviously this is not true.

Btw, Gaijin kicked out Android-TV support :-(.

With major update 1.77 release, the open beta of Shield Android TV version of the game will be over. We decided to focus on making War Thunder available on GeForce Now streaming service instead of native Android client. So in the future the game will be playable on different Shield devices and not just Android TV

Official War Thunder Mobile requirements:

  1. System - Android 10, 64-bit, RAM - 4 GB => Fulfilled √.
  2. “CPU - Snapdragon 665 / Mediatek Helio P65 or equivalent 64-bit ARM processor”
    ⇒ is the CPU “Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz & 6×2.0 GHz)” of my Android 13 smartphone “Motorola moto g54 5G” is not sufficent? I assume it is sufficient.
  3. “GPU - Adreno 610/2 core Mali-G52 or equivalent GPUs with Vulkan support”
    ⇒ The GPU “IMG BXM-8-256” of my Android 13 smartphone “Motorola moto g54 5G” is not sufficent?
    Probably this is the problem.

So please tell me the criteria to find AFFORDABLE WarThunder Mobile compatible Android phones,
and which are the typical sales prices of such devices?
Must I search for exactly the GPU or the buzzword “vulkan” ?

My Motorola is up to date with all technical requirements of a modern smartphone, released in 2023-09, for 200 EUR. I wont buy another item, it is almost perfect for everything besides WTM.

Feedback: The ONLY reason to install and operate this app, is to have “online login” every day, without need to carry a full game computer ( notebook ) with me, on travel. I want my 7y-membership decal, more easily! :-)

Hello @hemmerling,

This forum isn’t for WT Mobile so it really isn’t the best place to ask this, It might be worth submitting a report on the bug reporting platform for WTM:


I had a look and the GPU in the Moto g54 “IMG BXM-8-256” looks like it out performs the Adreno 610 by a decent amount so it could be that because it is a fairly new GPU it isn’t recognised by WTM yet. Performance numbers for both here:

The issue was closed by the comment “Not a bug” :-( ,
so probably I can’t use my smartphone to login to WT, forever, or for some years… :-(