War Thunder Live skins/sound etc

Just wondering if everything on the War Thunder Live site (I think it is Gajin’s official site?) where one can download things like skins is ok. After seeing the ban wave, I am wondering if even things like that is seen as potential “modification” of the game and seen as an issue by War Thunder team/Gajin.
Just want to be on the safe side since I have been playing since roughly 2013 and don’t want to loose my account because I was an idiot that didn’t understand the EULA rules properly.

Also, first time I have actual been using the forums, so unsure this is the right place to ask.

no. using WT Live items is ok. gaijin wont ban you for using them.

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Thanks for the reply, that is good know.

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I got screwed over by it, i’d excercise caution but usually it should be fine