War Thunder "Kings of Battle" - Changelog

A good step, but not the best.

Why didn’t you based the rewards on Scores?

Making it for kills will make people way more into killing often disregarding activities that can lead to win, this will also make people more frustrated if they get a kill-steal.

Making it for Scores will push people to play more as a team toward the win. Plus this will make assists something worth doing and not just waiting around to kill-steal or just focus on their own kill and not doing teamplay.

Honestly, I’m surprised you based that on kill and I do hope you’ll change it to scores.


As a World War II aficionado, I much prefer Novorossiysk in terms of atmosphere, tactical adaptation and spawn protection on this broken map than Seversk, Test fields with no charm and stupid gameplay.

What next, Berlin ?

Totally agree on that.

This is too little

I have a better idea - enable two sets of bonus systems at the same time. You can get two RP bonuses from the number of kills and points.

gaijin,where are my 577?

Finally, they removed this map😁

Man these 314 RP really gonna help me grind the tech tree…


When you will have 8 times in a row Seversk-13, remind me your words.

No solution to count anything?

So where exactly are the promised weapons for the MH-60L? It’s in the devblog yet not in live server. @Smin1080p Is this a bug or just forgot?



Nice updates in globality. I thank all the staff to listen to the community and try to improve. But please just put a bit of attention for naval. We have big problem of BRs, like why is Yamashiro 6.7 and Cavour 7.0? Why is Dupleix 5.7?
I know naval french tree is new, but having no new cruisers, no AP shells for 200mm and no Dunkerque class is problematic since if you add Dunkerque later it will be out of everything… Lorraine shouldn’t be at 6.7 btw, it’s just a good 6.3, stats of this ship (and Dupleix) speak for it.

Please reconsider the implementation of the " “Skill Bonus” to Research Points".

I think basing it only on kills is a mistake. It will lead to people being even greedier, “kill stealing” more, playing more aggressively while ignoring objectives and doesn’t necessarily mean skill. It will also make it more annoying to get only assists.

Other options might be:

  • make it based on score thresholds
  • also count point caps as one kill for the extra rp calculations
  • let multiple assists count as one kill for the extra rp calculations

Overall I like the idea, ones personal performance should have a higher impact on rewards, which this system achieves.


How strela still at 9.3 lmao?

314 is the bonus you had for 4 kills,…

4 kills is between the 3-5 limits which only grants you 15% of bonus,…

Kill more you’ll have more aswell

The Mechanic is called “Skill Bonus” for a reason,… so learn to shoot more people. ^^"

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Precise that what you want is 30mm Gunpod.

Well i don’t understand you,… as many people can do score without hitting anything, this can’t be called “Skill Bonus”

Even 10 kills gives you only like 4k rp… This bonus is dumb and Gaijin is just to lazy to rework ground rp values.

It’s at 10m from the gun ^^"

I need proofs now: where is your 10 kills game.

As normally, there is the normal reward at 4k for 10 kills then the Skill bonus for a total of 2.1k RP

314/0.15 = 2093 RP

So it should be around 6k RP for 10 kills mate.