War Thunder is no longer a realistic game

You start off saying Soviet tech tree has inferior equipment, then you claim it’s superior later on.
Superior time wise is older, not newer.
Newer for the same tech as older equipment is inferior.
3BM60 is inferior to every round NATO uses cause it barely has the performance of 1990s darts.

With Russia there is no real complaint with regards to WW2. We know the T34 was good and later we know the T55, etc was good because we have history to back us there. With modern tanks we simply don’t know so you can’t level too much criticism at Gaijin there.

I think the Ukraine/Russia war and the Israeli conflict has opened all our eyes to the frailties of modern tanks and maybe helicopters and there is much speculation to how modern US and European vehicles would fair under similar circumstances. People talk about realism in modern War Thunder with no real frame of reference with even generals speculating. Warfare is always speculation until you get there and when you do get there, there are always surprises.

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They shouldn’t but they do. I mean even the outlook on gaming between Japan and America/UK is different that is why I went for the X box rather than the PlayStation.

I just dislike Japanese games and gaming ideas personally and while a few titles overlap like the Rockstar games or Bathesda ,I hate Manga and Anime, Final fantasy with giant swords and silly fighting games like Tekken. Just not my thing but we all have to come together for Warthunder and make it work.
I was always actually more of a PC player than a Console person, but price became an issue in the end. I might say even PC games were culturally different from Console in many ways.

I was always a fan of more strategy-based games rather than arcade.Again ,two types of game and game player to a degree to cater for.
I find war Thunder vehicles are aimed at one type of player while the actual game is aimed at another, it’s quite bizarre. The former being very realistic while the latter is quite silly and unrealistic.

Videos are not considered an acceptable source by Gaijin.

Yes that’s why there’s 10+ book sources on top of the two videos.

Gaijin’s excuse is that one man’s word outweighs 20. I’d love to meet that man to know how he became so knowledgeable about a tank that his word is above all us on the subject. Quite astounding.


Game’s realistic depending on what you consider “realistic”.

Is it realistic regarding damage models or some mechanics, for example? Yes, it is.

Is it realistic regarding historical accuracy? No, it isn’t.


This is pure copium. Because they don’t.


They literally just removed 40k players for cheating. Shut up.


Wait… You are talking about the tank side of the game?

That was never realistic.

I mean, the inner workings of tanks was never.modelled.neither were the tank controls.

For air the direct operation of the plane was modelled and the instructor is set inbetween the player and the plane and converts the mouse inputs into flight control inputs.

For tanks there are no tank control inputs that the mouse control inputs are converted to. It’s just unrealistic bs magic movement of the tank.

The realism claim of WT really only ever really applied to the air part of WT.

The realism of the ground forces was always lackluster. Especially when it comes to how the vehicles are operated.

Armor values etc. Are such a minor thing compared to the tank operation, that i cannot see how that ruins the realism. There are.much bigger fish to fry here.

I get the frustration about the abram armor, but as an argument to why WT is no longer a realistic game it is insufficient. There are worse unrealistic aspects of WT ground forces, so if this armor issue makes it unrealistic it was never realistic in the first place.
(I mean tanks having a spare gun barrel lying around? That’s much less realistic than using the wrong armor values)


They aren’t lying, nor are they ignoring us.
They are weighing sources and trying to figure things out like the rest of us.

Everything you mentioned isn’t unrealistic.

Of course it isrealism is the depiction of object they way they are or could be.

A.tank isn’t carrying around an extra barrel and it can’t since there isn’t enough space. Unrealistic by definition.

Same for the controls. Magic doesn’t exist, humans don’t have a hive mind.

You know what technically by definition isn’t unrealistic? A tank that has weight added but no additional armor. Is it the same tank as it is claimed by the game? No
Could it exist? Yes.

That makes it historically inaccurate but not unrealistic. There is a difference

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There are a number of tanks with visually available extra barrels.
Granted, most of us are carrying invisible ones with 2 - 5 very strong crewmen to replace that thing. Screw on. ;)

As for controls, good controls are always realistic so long as behavior is realistic.
Aiming isn’t directly controlled, the only thing we directly control is driving.
Everything else we indirectly control or have no control over.

You should try to convince the hardcore WT players who still believe that USSR tanks are overpower.
In game is crew+player skill that count and in real life is crew+information technology like drones that spot for you first.

In WT you can put noob in Sweden, Germany or China verhicle and they will lose to experience player in USSR, UK, Japan verhicle for example.

Except its in their marketing, hard

Actually - been playing on and off since 2015.

Personally, my start card has gone from having 60% + down to 40-odd % and back and forth, depending on how I play and what I do. I mostly play US & UK and mainly GRB.

In this time I have encountered roughly 10 or 11 sus plays, could confirm only 6 cheaters - all 6 are banned in war thunder.

Most of the time someone calls hacks is because -

  1. They blast music while playing and can not hear enemy movement
  2. Have absolute 0 map knowledge and do not know where to look
  3. Have a bad day at the game or is in generally bad at the game and complain because they died
  4. Play with super cheap headphones (Ye, I can hear a engine coming from far, but then again I have a sound card and a pair of Sennheisers as my daily use).

Pay to Win - I do not think you understand what it means - War Thunder is far from pay to win. You can pay to progress but buying a premium does NOT buy skill. Neither does the premium have a unfair advantage or have added damage as you would see in games like WoT.

We can accuse Gaijin of a lot of things - but we can not accuse the game of being pay to win.


“No longer”??

ive never met a hacker in the game, however the game is garbage and i dont know why i play it, sometimes it does have its moments but stuff like the su-25k and 2s38 prove that gaijin cares little cept for what sorta pleases most people and lets people who have nothing to provide for their teammates spend more money on the game with easy vehicles - games trash and doesnt really care for people who… enjoy it

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For those who think I claimed that the USSR is overpowered or that claims in general that the USSR is overpowered - that is not why I am here.

I am here because the USSR lacks in every way shape or form. If you can kill a T62 then you can kill a T80BVM and a T90M as the weakpoints on the tanks are exactly the same.

I am here because accuracy is being lost to other nations and cool new options and features that are meant to be around does not get added and what we (non-USSR players) have is being nerfed so that one nation can compete to keep (in my opinion) a bunch of fanboys happy.

In fact - in top tier you kill USSR tanks by shooting anywhere that does not have ERA as that is the only damn thing that is being relied on in terms of protection.

Air wise - I am one of the worst pilots in game - and this is due to the fact that Gaijin does not understand basic flight mechanics like ground effect and autorotation. If I want realistic flight I rather go to DCS or even MS Flight Sim. - never cared to become a good pilot in WT.

That said - Air is being nerfed around USSR and from my experience USSR pilots are some of the worst I have seen in game. Now with the addition to the SU-27 I almost never see SU-27 cut burners or go evasive on a IR missile - straight line & flare and just hope for the best.

When adjustments are made to the game Gaijin should not only look at KDR but also, how the vehicles are being played and why something “suffers” in game.

Don’t get me wrong - I have no complaint that the Pantsir S-1, the 2S38, the T90M and other more modern tanks are added to the game - USSR tech tree needs it and needs to be able to compete in some way - but DO NOT nerf my nations I play because the modern vehicles in the USSR tree can not compete.

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ussr pilots are barely even pilots half of the time, they just like… spam rockets and even i can do that and i want all air to be removed from the game! and theyre apparently the ones who play it all the time, anyways all air players have a distinct lack of skill require to kill ground targets but ussr (and american) players also dont know how to do air in general which is pretty funny but extremely annoying cause air doesnt need skill to kill ground

The driving part isn’t even true either since tanks are not controlled by keys so thee is a third party translating your input. And again this isn’t realistic at all.

So no it’s not realistic if it behaves realistic (which it does not) tabks usually have a slight delay in their actions since the commander needs time to communicate to his crew. This delay does not exist in WT.

And again armor thickness being wrong falls under accuracy not realism.