War Thunder HOTAS Setup

This game has grown substantially since I started playing in 2012. I never thought we’d be using systems like radars and laser guided munitions. I wanted to share my control scheme to foster ideas for others. I remember when I was new and setting up my HOTAS, I was seeking ideas of where to assign controls. This is the result of trial and error and moving and combining different controls. It’s still a constant work in progress.


Nice topic. I have The same stuff, but have attributed other functions to the buttons. If i find time i can upload a schema of my button assignments.
Actually i use a Virpil Constellation Alpha prime grip instead of the VKB one ( held it for backup) and my rudder pedals are Virpil too.

The VKB software is a marvel (unfortunately i don’t use it anymore) - you can use short press and long press on a button for single or continuous fire/drop of ordinance.