War Thunder for Free – Part 4


Today we will learn how to obtain free premium vehicles without harm to your mental health.

Several years ago, having a premium vehicle for free was stupidly easy. In fact, every month you could win it in the Warbond Shop doing daily and special tasks. Even better, you had a choice between 3 vehicles (air, ground, sea). Some people even developed a technic how to win 2 vehicles each month, but I never tested it.

In the current state we have the couple of Battle Pass and the modified Warbond Shop (BP/WBS) to win for free once in 3 months:

  • 1 Battle Pass free vehicle (you have no choice).
  • 1 Warbond Shop vehicle (choice between 3 is possible)

If you are good in math, you have calculated that we lost 1 free vehicle every 3 months and have less choice.

To obtain the BP/WBS vehicle:

  • Login daily even if you cannot play: just grab the login reward and quit
  • Play daily tasks
  • Play special tasks
  • Fulfil the challenges

I apologize in advance to not explain in detail the Battle Pass / Warbond Shop functioning. You may find information in wiki or forum (old, archived forum, obviously 😊). But you must understand that, playing without paying, you have the only resource helping to reach high levels of BP/WBS. It is your life time ⚰️. Indeed, if you are single, retired, unemployed, or simply a person with a disability you may play 24/7 and have no problem at all!

However, if you have some professional and social life, I will help you to reduce the playing time.

First of all, the idea that you may play normally having fun with you preferred vehicles/modes and doing BP/WBS stuff at the same time is BS. Yes, the first daily task is simple and done often itself, but it is all. In order to pass the minimum time doing tasks/challenges, I introduce you the concept of “Vehicles-Tools”.

Introduction: “Rotating Tasks”

The fundamental possibility in BP/WBS is rotating tasks: you pay SL to change the tasks you don’t like. You must privilege killing different air/ground targets, destroy bases, critical hits, assists. You must avoid “Win” tasks because currently nobody plays for victory (unless being in a 4-squad). For the “Play taking Nth place” task wait a bit practicing my strategy and you will be successful as I do.

Note: rotating permits optimizing the tasks, for example you may change tasks to “Destroy Bases” in 2nd daily/Special/Challenge tasks! Each destroyed base will count 3 times!

Note 2: you may change the task several times until an acceptable one; the SL amount increases until 50K SL. It is not cheap but may save you hours of playing. Note: after 50K SL the cost is in GE; don’t worry, the next day the rotating cost switch to 1000 SL again.

Note 3: even if I fly mostly Air Realistic, I search in Arcade and Ground the easiest tasks!


Now, the ideal “Vehicle-Tool” has these characteristics:

  • Minimum BR but still Rank III
  • Minimum time before engagement = airspawn (also reduce the probability of team killing and of enemy intercepting)
  • Good weapon to get kills/points rapidly.

Bombing tasks: bases, ground targets (GT)

Tool: Sweden B-18B (BR4.0)

Tactics: dive to target on WEP (to be before Wyverns 😊), destroy target(s), jump.

Alternative for bases only for the 1st daily task : US B-34 (BR3.3, Rank II), level flight, bomb, jump

Alternative for GT : US SB2C-1c, no bombs, strife with cannons

Interceptor tasks: kill bombers, strike aircraft, fighters.

Tool: US SB2C-1c (BR3.0)

Tactics: no bombs, head on bombers, dive on others (use smartly the air brakes)

Alternative: many 1-engine light bombers could do the same

Additional tasks: assists and critical hits

Tool: Il-2M 1943 or Il-2M type 3 (BR3.3)

Tactics: attack air bots, when interceptors appear, head on then die. Note: assists and crits on bots count for the tasks/challenges, but not kills (be gentle 😊)

Alternative: probably any low BR Rank III strike aircraft even 2-engine, example: Me 410 A-1/U4

Fun fact: in some crafting Events you must gain the battle points. There is no better way (amount/time) to do this than to use Il-2M and farm bots.

Kills by fighters

Easy in Arcade but may be quite hard in Realistic (don’t forget the kill stealing). I use F6F, F4U, P-47, I-16 type 17 but it really depends on your style/skill. Note: you spend a lot of time flying from the airbase in RB!

Try or just switch the task!

Conclusion: Saving Time

The fundamental concept of my strategy is quitting rapidly when:

  • You did your objective or
  • You have no ammo or
  • You damaged.

It is better to quit and start a new game instead of trying to reammo/repair. Note: it concerns Realistic, in Arcade you may respawn rapidly.

Note: if you are “crew locked” just switch to another vehicle / task.

Note 2: you may ask if it is “fair play”. Yes, nobody cares your objectives. So do you.