War Thunder for Free – Part 3


In the Part 2 we saw how to collect SL boosters. Now we need to convert them into SL.

As I previously said, I play mostly Air Realistic and found this mode really adapted to gain much SL. But you will still need to choose the right plane or planes to maximize the income. I made the deep analysis of all my vehicles: average battle income, repair cost, win rate… No wonder, the best of best is a premium plane.

I have declared that following my advice you will never spend real money to play this game. I confirm this. There are many ways to get premium stuff for free. Unfortunately, not all these ways remain actual ones. No more Golden Eagle Wagers, no more GE in daily logins.

But we still have the Battle Pass / Warbond Shop system and it permits to get some useful planes.


My far most effective plane is Japanese Bf 109 E-7 (BR3.0). Note: I got it cumulating small quantities of GE while playing ancient GE Wagers. Then I bought the plane with the 30% discount on sale.

Results for this plane alone (used always with big SL boosters): 21 million SL (48 thousand SL by battle in average) doing only 1,7 kills / battle in average, 60% win rate.

Now, with the Battle Pass / Warbond Shop system, i.a.w completely for free, I got: F2G-1, XP-50, French Yak-3, ITP, A6M6c, F-6C-10, DB-7. All these planes should give similar results while used with boosters.

Note: my personal pilot skills indeed influence these results. I got lesser income with other premium planes, like BV 155, Chinese A6M2, Hellcat MkII, Ta 154, US Ki 61.

Look at your premiums and choose the best!

If you don’t have good premiums and don’t know how to reach the Battle Pass / Warbond Shop upper levels wait for my next post!