War Thunder for Free - Part 2


I begin the detailed description of my playing method.

In the game you work with 2 resources: Silver Lions (SL) and Research Points (RP) gained after each (ideally 😊) battle. You need them to:

  • RP: research new vehicles, research new equipment (modules) of the vehicles you have
  • SL: buy new vehicles, pay ammo resupply, pay repair, par respawn (arcade, simulation)

Note: we also have Golden Eagles, the premium currency, but very occasionally as we decided to not spend real money to play.

Note 2: the Market Place uses its own currency, Gaijin Coins, but to have access to the Market you need to communicate too much personal information. We will not “market” at all.

SL Management

In order to save SL I use these commonly known technics:

  • Auto repair turned off (auto ammo resupply ON is OK)
  • The damaged vehicles are left to auto repair for free (they should be selected in their crew slots). The details on autorepair may be found in each vehicle’s statcard. During the repair time we play other vehicles / other countries.
  • Remember that you have 10 free repairs when you buy a new vehicle (30 for a premium vehicle)
  • Finally, try to buy new vehicles only during 2 periods of sale: 30 or 50% discount.

To gain more SL:

  • Each login you have a chance to get a bonus (XX% booster on SL).
  • The same after a good battle
  • The Battle Pass / Warbond Shop progression also gives you such bonuses.
  • The special game mode Arcade Assault gives you daily 2 chances to win a booster up to 300% in 2 modes (Air, Ground)
  • Important: you should use the biggest (>100% for example) boosters with your best rewarding vehicles

Note: we also have Wagers and Orders. I always forget to use them. They may bring some additional income though.

RP Management

As in the case of SL, collect boosters. Use them:

  • With the vehicles that you are developing modules
  • With the vehicles having the biggest RP reward to research a new vehicle of the same country

Note: the vehicle used to research the next vehicle in the tech tree gets the bonus of 10% RP in Realistic Battle and 30% RP in Arcade! Personal tip: use Arcade Assault to maximize the gain for a single vehicle.

Note 2: the Arcade Assault becomes essential at high BRs. In fact, I must fly AA to develop at least ½ of the major modules to be able to use the plane in the realistic match.

Note 3: sometimes you receive as a gift a Talisman that doubles RP for a vehicle. During my carrier I got about 20 Talismans for free.

Magic Part

As you may see, we rely on the probability: daily login bonus, chance to win an Arcade Assault battle. But there is a way at least to win the Arcade Assault. It is magically simple:

  • Ground: play a Rank I vehicle up to BR2.3. My personal choice is T-28. This tank may kill all bots alone in a map like Kursk!
  • Air: unfortunately, the consistent result is possible only at BR6.3 and up. The team is filled with BR12 jets that finish the game without your assistance. Take an early jet to get some kills for activity.

All above information is just a resume. You may find the detailed explanation of repair or Arcade Assault mode in the WT forums or wiki.


Good to see a fellow autorepair:off connoisseur. Also if you have friends to paly with the “best squad” wager is a great way to farm SL, as getting the teamwork in ground RB is incredibly easy if some of your squad are in planes and others in tanks

Thank you for the comment. I don’t play Ground RB and play mostly solo. Sometimes I launch Best Squad Wager in Air RB and win 1 or 2 stages in background before expire. As I mentionned my strategy doesn’t need Wagers.
Best regards