War Thunder for Free - Part 1

Hi, this post is starting the series of 12 posts that will explain how to play War Thunder for free and to have fun!

Let me introduce myself. I am player “strff”, about 3 years in War Thunder. I play mainly Air Realistic Battle. Personal achievements: planes of Rank VII in US and USSR, Rank VI in UK, Italy, France and Sweden, Rank V in Germany, Japan and China; I still have 46 million Silver Lions.

I did never pay a dime in the game.

Like you I was a young, frustrated player knowing nearly nothing how to progress in the game and how to resist this harsh unfriendly environment. But I found many advices on the WT (War Thunder) forum. So, this text will serve also to thank all people who helped me. In this text I will transmit you their advices personally checked by me and completed by my ideas.

When I started WT for the first time, I had impression to be forced to pay everywhere (3 types of currencies, pay for ammo, pay to spawn, pay to repair, pay to get new equipment…). I decided then to find a free way of playing.

Want to know? Let’s start the journey!

No cheats, no hidden costs, only fair play!

My English is not native, sorry in advance.