War Thunder crashes my PC

I can go for an hour of play sometimes 3 minutes. Usually as soon as i fire a round, my whole computer will freeze up and not accept much input. Maybe 1 FPS every 3 to 4 seconds. Once i close WT, the problem corrects itself. Ive factory reset my PC at this point and still no fix. I have read that other people are having this issue. Has anybody found a fix?

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Same issue here, exactly as you describe. Sadly, no fix just yet.

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People, try this out:

  • First, uninstall EAC from the EasyAntiCheat folder in WT.
  • Second, download this EAC that’s from the official website: EasyAntiCheat.exe
  • Third, rename that downloaded .exe into EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, and replace the one from the WarThunder/EasyAntiCheat/ folder.
  • Fourth, install it with this new .exe.

Please report back, because I think it works perfectly now. I tried out 4 matches, and all of them worked flawlessly without PC crashes or FPS loss, when the first match would straight up crash in less than a minute!

I dont feel i should have to change installation files to make this game work. Boycotting this game until they fix it. I cant justify paying for premium when its this broken for me.

There’s better work on this, I’ll give you a better summary…

In particular, don’t bother with the reinstall to a new folder…

Firstly, you need to verify the game files in the launcher itself.

You then want to clear out the cache folder in the game folder.

If that still doesn’t work, excempt the game folder from your antivirus.

And from there, in the game folder is the EAC folder, and in there is the setup for EAC, which if you right click the setup, run as admin, you can in there repair service.

This’d do what the previous commenter has put out, easier.