War thunder crash 30 Seconds after game start in to the background every time

i play the game daily for several hours an normally without any failure.
But Since your last mini update from today after 17:00 MEZ your game crash every time!
30 Seconds after game start the game task moved to the Background.
i cant klick anything on the screen after that.
i cant tab out and back into the game.

Repair tool didn’t help
Reinstall the full game Client don’t help
the game is not playable anymore

Undo your last hotfix

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The game failure still exist.

i also tried to solve it with complete reinstallation GPU Driver. not helped
Repair my windows client. no failure found

tried to install your game over steam.
same failure game tab in the background and run there you have no Control of the game and can only watch him Running.
if you tab out and in you have a 1-2 second time frame were you can control the camara and than it jumps still in background

this is the my first game braking bug in WT
After many tausend Hours and uncountable Money in your game
please do something quickly


It currently looks like I have solved the problem.
Your mini update from yesterday ensures that the Windows firewall blocks the task and prevents further access to it.

Whatever you have put in there you should undo as you will upset a lot of players.
who now have problems playing their game