War thunder changed my nick by itself

Hello there! So i played today the atomic thinder, everything was ok. I left the game to go eat adn i came back and logined and i saw that my nick changed by itself with my old nick martinplane3 i was like: watta h***???!!! So i open settings of my profile and changed it again to my nick. i checked if someone entered my profile, but i have two factors security adn iwas like “how is that even possible?” its the gaijin system problem or something else?

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The same here. Luckily I could change it back for free. There was a small patch and after it my name was changed to very old one.

I’m having the same problem, just wrote to support.

Its like they cant fix something without borking something else.

The issue is with Steam accounts. Please be patient. It should already be fixed for some.


Same happened here, thankfully I was able to get it changed back.
I hope that won’t happen again lol

Happened to me as well.

I’m with the same problem.

From Warmetalwhit to Warmetal#1

I have the same issue. My nickname changed by itself from ToXiCaT to ToXiCaT#1.
And i cannot change it back. How do i get my nickname back?