War Thunder Anniversary Sale 2023


I am a new player and i play on xbox and planning to buy premium vehicle packs and i heard about the anniversary sale and the 50% discount, i also heard that not all players on all platforms get the sale. Is the sale coming to xbox in November or should i just buy what i want now?

I heard it depends on Microsoft and Sony for discount on their platforms and their users will get their discounts but not exactly same time as PC. Usually, a few days sooner or later and their bundles are different from PC.

Apparently we get it on the 6th but I haven’t seen any I’m so confused , I play on pc and I’m looking at the bundle rn but it’s still normal price

In game discounts are until 11:00 GMT. After that they will give store discounts.

Well, apparently, GE sales ended and there aren’t any bundle discounts, I NEED TO INVEST!

It started from 12:00 GMT. Only 1 hour after end of ingame discounts.

Can anybody tell me why there are no discounts for the canard, king tiger, A10 early and other vehicles that should be on discount? i can´t see a pattern or anything, it just seems the selected some vehicles they dont want to put a discount on…

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What’s going on with the sale Gaijin? Is it a stupid joke that we get a 50% discount for some vehicles without any pattern while others were left behind? This isn’t a player’s problem that some grinders are better than others and the same story goes for nations in general.

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I don’t know, but if console players don’t get the sale then I’m going to be very angry with gaijin. You log into the gaijin.net store and they say, “console accounts can only purchase golden eagles via the gaijin store.” and almost as if mockingly it provides a link to transfer accounts to pc that has been “closed because of high number of requests,”

Gaijin, it’s been at least a year in a half since that has closed and I know because I keep asking when it will open. Get a move on it. It’s super unfair to console players. I don’t even play on console anymore but I still don’t get access to the store or marketplace because my account was originally made on an Xbox.

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No prem acc discounts? WHAT THE FLIP? Gaijin come on! So much for we are going to change and all, hope u learn u will just loose money with that…

I’m in the same boat used to play on console the cant transfer to PC and now I’m stuck with a xbox account and cant buy anything on sale this is a joke.
When will we get any change probably never.
I’ve got too much and I’m not restarting on a new pc account surely there is a way to get Gaijin to give 2 S**ts