War Ship

Hi, I wanted to propose putting in new ships, and putting in air doors and latest generation ships for example in Italy the new armored ships for example this one https://th.bing.com/th/id/R.02f44efebbd837c6f13831e98f129ba8?rik=8BK7O8TdpiluuA&riu =http%3a%2f%2fwww.marina.difesa.it%2fsites%2fAMC1%2fSiteCollectionImages%2ffb05beb0-6d80-4885-9c6c-0fb0d627d11e%2fb589a204-f655-4610-a3cc-30d865f50c4106.jpg &ehk=PyLvC906isZZQPEoe%2bXqYjHmhop0xAOg%2fjjnnSOhQ0Q%3d&risl =&pid=ImgRaw&r=0
to make the game more realistic and be played more

The ship on the pic is from 2009, belongs to latest italian class of frigates. There is no place for it in current war thunder settings

Were not even into ww2 BBs yet and there is still a lot of ww1 ships do be added.


Hm the Carlo Bergamini class could work but it would have to be stripped of missile armament & it would be boon to the Italians whom have no large ships in their poxy Cost’all TT which is already an extremely hard tree to play.

In game armament: 2×1 OTO 76/62, 2×1 Oerlikon 25 mm KBA, 2×3 12.74" torpedoes.

She’s a bit heavy but it could work imo an same could said for many modern ships if without missile armament.

Yet while I’d welcome it I think the predecessor class might work better for the game, The Lupo class an that’s especially truer if the devs decide to finally implement OTOMAT AShM in game which iirc are in the files for the Sparviero class.