Wallet Warriors INC (WWin) is recruiting casual, active non toxic players! Solo players welcome!

Hey there,

We are a bunch of middle aged guys that migrated over from World of Warships after playing there competitively for 7 years (used to be in top 10 EU clan). As such leadership of this clan is kicking some serious butt in naval but we also dabble in air and ground RB. We are done sweating and dealing with drama and as such this clan is as casual as it gets so come join us if you are looking to grind squadron RP with no commitment whatsoever.

We don’t play squadron battles and we won’t force you to play with us if you just want to earn dem RP points.

We have a discord server and we ask you to respect our common sense rules in order to keep the environment friendly and non toxic. If you are a shy or asocial you are still welcome to join us for the grind.

Contact: Arrowfaster, Terlisimo and Venchoba on discord for details.

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