Waitng for game start

Hello support, I have problems with almost all rank one planes. I did the extreme summer event, mostly with the KI 21 Hei event plane. For every match I have to wait 8 9 or 10 minutes to get in the game. Today I tried it with the german bomber JU 88 A1. looks the same problem. my network is very fast compatible with fiberglass. In every other rank I am in the game in a few seconds. How come?

Rank II is not always better…


I just assume that they somehow added a priority for the rank 3+ for participating in the timed summer event challenges…

Bombers can only be 4 per team per match, use fighter instead… too many people spam low tier bomber, so wait time is high

I used a lot of different bombers and I was in a few seconds in the game.
look it up in my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCylz2jtfydDy7XWMps8GR3Q

and it was before the summer event ok

yes but today I would play a game and it took 3,5 minutes and I quit