-W1LD- The Wild Stallions Recruiting!

Good Day Pilots, Tankers, and then the peeps on the boats lol. We, at -W1LD- are currently recruiting any type of player who enjoys playing Warthunder and raging about how a round didn’t Pen or how flares don’t do anything! We aren’t strict on requirements other than, be active as much as possible and BE RESPECTFUL! We are currently a small Squadron with most of us being in the Army, trying to grow and I personally, want to hold events and have neat little giveaways! We are always willing to help new recruits practice and train to get better so don’t be intimidated by us, we’re a bunch of goofballs! Veterans are also welcomed as more experience is always great to have so we can train the recruits and there is always something to learn from others! If you are interested in joining a smaller squadron who are ambitious to become bigger and wish to be part of the growth and greatness we potentially have! Then submit an application and Join The Wild Stallions!

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giveway may i join i rly want leo a1a1 l44 rn

Sure thing! but not really give aways, they will be rewards for events we hold for the squadron.

I’m trying to join but I can’t find it not sure if im typing it in wrong though

For applicates looking to join, ensure you search “W1LD” without the “-”. Also ensure you do not have “hide without auto accept applications” checked in search criteria.