Vympel R-27 'ALAMO' - History, Design, Performance & Discussion

It is also induced via RWR

Doesn’t AWACS radar also pulse? I suppose it’s easier to hit but wouldn’t something like an ET be more reliable since it actually has terminal guidance ability?

Or did it have like a basic IR seeker for terminal?

No, datalink does not send commands to the missile correcting its flight path, it sends how much the real target has deviated in speed and position from the expected flight path.

The missile has a pseudo kinematic module that models the target’s expected flight path (this is calculated based on the target’s flight path the moment right before the missile comes off the rail).
Since the radar is not able to track the missile itself, it just does the same modeling of the target’s expected flight path as the missile does. If the target then deviates from that flight path, the radar sends signals to the missile telling it how much the target has deviated.

This is described in section 4.2.2.

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@MaMoran20 I think this is for you maybe?

Ok, dunno why I didn’t think of it. Makes sense, gonna try to re read it later.

Bc I don’t have a ONLY R27 manual. And the R27 section of the Mig29B manual is quite detailed, I just can’t read russian.

You’re reading from page 199. So there it is written in the second sentence. What is this for the semi-active guidance stage, i.e. when the rocket head has already lock the target

The main method is proportional guidance with offset


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Can R-27R/ER be launch without a lock? Like lock on after launch?


I’m hoping that whenever we get the ARH missile update, we get one of the ARH variants of the R-27, could be fun to use on stuff like the Yak-41

is this R-27R or ER?

Is this one R-27R?

Yep R-27R

Why some R-27Rs have small fins in the front and others dont?
In the first picture the R-27R has small fins near the tip and in the last picture there are no fins.

Tranning Mockup

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Thank you.

@MiG_23M @BBCRF @Ziggy1989

Can someone explain to me how gaijin claims this thing has IRCCM? If it can be flared at 700 meters might as well say it has none.

1 tap flared as always, not even bothering to flare 2 times :)))))))))

Yet many people cough western players cough claim this thing is overpowered. What the hell is this? Come on gaijin. I dont think soviet engineers were literally braindead.

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The IRCCM is modeled in the form of post-launch FoV reduction just like the R-73 and Magic 2, however the reduction is not as much as the latter missiles… it still has roughly half the FoV of non-IRCCM types.

It is 1.33 degrees I know, but 1 tap flaring at 700 meters basically means in practical terms, it’s like It doesn’t exist.

If the 1.33 is not documented, Maybe gaijin should reduce it to 1.0? R-73 is 0.75 so 1.0 would still be easily flareable . This clearly is garbage tier IRCCM.