vTHCv Try Hard Coalition Social Competitive Squadron Top 100 looking for new members!

Try Hard Social (vTHCv): A relaxed, inclusive, and friendly squadron for competitive gamers

APPLICATION: Join our Discord server: discord.gg/TryHarder

Age. Must be 18+

We are vTHCv, a squadron for competitive gamers who value teamwork, sportsmanship, inclusivity, organized, respect, responsibility, fairness, community, trust, and integrity.

We offer

Regular squadron battles and events, opportunities to improve your skills and learn from other players, a structured and organized environment, and a commitment to sportsmanship and fair play.
Our discord is moderated with the assistance of all members and do not allow discrimination or bullying of any kind.

We are looking for

Relaxed but driven individuals from any background or nation, with the ability to speak English for communication purposes and the following requirements.

Vehicles. Must have at least one rank 7 & 1 rank 6 in another nation, or rank 6 tanks in addition to rank 7 planes if mostly a pilot. (Event/Squad/Premium vehicles do not count towards these requirements)

Squadron Battles (SQBs) Focus. Must be willing to regularly play Squadron Battles using discord (with a name matching your WT name) & microphone.
Minimum expectation for Squadron minimum points 500 points per half season, 1000 per season.

Please note that at times we may make exceptions to these requirements based on guidelines that are given to all ranked members so if you are close please apply and we will review your application independently.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If anyone has any questions or would like a chat this channel is monitored so feel free to get in touch!

Still open for new recruits! Come check us out 50 spaces available!