VTB 11, a pre-war French torpedo boat

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VTB 11

The first MTBs of the 1937 War program of the French Navy


About the VTB 11 and its interest in War Thunder :

Like the VTB 8, the VTB 11 is a good contender for a reserve tier MTB for the French coastal tree. Armed with several kind of machineguns and/or a couple torpedoes, its firepower is a bit better and it would make it at the very least fun to play at that tier.

Context :

The French Navy became quickly aware of the efficiency of the Motor Torpedo boats after WW1. Among the biggest inspiration were Italian MAS, which quickly proved the potential of those ship, for example after sinking the austrian battleship Szen Itisvan, but most importantly, the British Thornicroft Coastal Torpedo boats which were extensively used during the war. Buying Thornycroft boats in 1921. They quickly became the VTB1 and VTB 2, “Vedette torpilleur” the first testing bench for a futur French made serie of MTBs, in a program called “Flottille d’échantillons”, or “sample fleet”, testing various technologies on successive operational boats. After a decade of testing, between 1921 and 1937, 10 VTB would be built, until the French Navy decided to end the sample fleet program. It was replaced by the 1937 War program, meant to mass produce MTBs for the French navy.

History of the VTB 11 :

The VTB 11 and 12 were the first of this new program following the experimental machines. They were both built by the SAACL, The Loire shipyard, which had made the disappointing VTB 10. They were built in the city of Saint Nazaire, and were meant to sail better and be better protected than their predecessors.

The VTB 11 was delayed several times, and almost completed in spring 1940. It never got to see action during the battle of France, and immediately had to flee to the UK to prevent capture by the Germans. There, it was finished by the British, and given to the FNFL. Its torpedo system was supposed to be installed in 1940, but they didn’t have the time to, so it was ultimately converted in sub chasing missions, being equipped with depth charges. The Royal Navy took it back from the FNFL late 1940. The VTB 11 was sunk by bombardment in 1943.

Specifications :


Length (at sea level) : 18,75m

Total length : 19,85m

width (sea level) : 4,328m

Total width : 4,90m

Depth of the hull : 0,755m

maximal draught under the propellers : 1,23m

height of the forward freeboard : 1,56m

height of the middle freeboard : 1,50m

height of the rear freeboard : 0,925m

submerged surface : 2,496m2

floating surface : 62,056 m2

volume of the hull : 27,80 m3

theoric displacement : 28T

expected displacement : 28,57T


type : Lorraine 1160 HP x 2

Max speed (full) : 45 knts



Torpedoes : 2 x 400mm torpedoes Mle 1926 V

Torpedo launching systems : Loire lateral claw system ; hydropneumatic Loire tubes (planned)

1 x 2 Darne 7.7mm machinegun turret


1 x 2 Darne 7.7mm machinegun turret

2 x 2 Lewis gun 7.7mm Mgs mounts (FNFL refit, replace the torpedo launchers)

6 x 35kg depth charges


Blueprints :







Photo of the VTB 11 during a liaison mission in England.


VTB 11 during a visit by general de Gaulle : The Darne Machineguns turret is installed as well as the Lewis guns.


In the middle, the VTB 8. Above, the VTB 11. Below, you can see the unarmed turret of the VTB 12.



Primary :

SHD Toulon :

série 2A1 and 2A4

Dossier 17S2 archives lehler

SHD Vincenne

Série TTC, TTD, TTY, 1BB2, 1BB8, DD1

SHD Cherbourg :

Dossier 2 A1, 2A5

SHD Centre des archives de Châtellerault (CAA):

Trial reports and plans


SAIBENE Marc, Les vedettes lance-torpille FRANÇAISE, Marines Editions, 2007, 127 p.

+1 for the historical installation. I don’t think 2x 7.7 machine guns are enough, even for 1.0.

It is a bit light, for sure, the question being is it worth trading the torpedoes for it. In any case, as with all reserve vehicles, it won’t be played long and it’s just here to fill the gap.

I think it’s worth it, as at 1.0-2.0 there aren’t vessels big enough to be easily hit by torpedoes.