VT5: The younger brother of the 15-style black panther snow leopard

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The VT5 tank is a lightweight main tank independently developed by China, and the biggest difference between the Type 15 light tank and the Type 15 light tank is that the positioning of the two is different, the Type 15 belongs to the light tank, while the VT5 is positioned as a main battle tank in China

Historical Context:


China’s last generation of light tanks in service can be traced back to decades ago, when in order to adapt to the complex terrain of the dense water network in the southern region, the Chinese Army urgently needed a light tank, so the Type 62 was born and was widely used in the southern region, and the Type 62 was also widely involved in the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. Since then, there has been a long gap in the field of China’s new lightweight tanks, although the “WZ132” light tank was developed during the “Second Fourth Battle”, but like many models at that time, it did not enter service with the troops. With the entry into service of the Type 15 light tank in China, Southeast Asia and other countries with the same predicament as China have been lacking available MBT, so China has developed the VT5 based on the Type 15 light tank, which is positioned as MBT, in order to meet the positioning needs of Southeast Asia and other countries for target tanks. Unlike the PLA’s Type 15 light tank, the VT-5 is fully oriented to the field of foreign trade, and 44 units have been procured by the Bangladesh Army. The VT-5 began to enter the public’s field of vision after the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show, and in 2017, the VT-5 participated in the “Armored and Anti-Armor” Day together with the VT-4 and VT-2, and presented a wonderful performance for the guests.

Tank weapons vs. weapons systems of tanks:


VT-5 uses a two-way stabilized 105mm rifled gun, which can fire 105mm ammunition types such as tail stabilized deshelling armor-piercing shells, armor-piercing shells, attack shells, and anti-explosive shells [VT-5 has 38 ammunition in reserve, which is stored in a complete loader, 18 rounds are stored in the automatic loader, and 20 rounds are stored in the hull], VT-5 uses a remote-controlled weapon station, on which a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun and a 35mm grenade launcher are integrated, At the same time, it is also equipped with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, and the VT5 can also be equipped with the GL5 active defense system, the VT5 does not use the Russian turntable automatic loader that Chinese tanks are commonly equipped with, but uses a tail compartment automatic loader, which can be reloaded for up to 4 seconds
Weapon Control System:
The VT5’s two-way stabilized main gun and ballistic computer with laser rangefinder and night vision input have a high degree of accuracy when aiming at moving targets, when aiming at moving targets when stationary, and when aiming at stationary targets. The VT5 is also equipped with an infrared night vision device, a tank commander control weapon system, an upper anti-stabilized image aiming fire control system, a laser warning device, equipped with a gun commander sight and a vehicle commander perimeter monitor, all equipped with a thermal imaging channel

Protection and maneuverability:


The VT5 combat weight is 36 tons, and the power system adopts a new 150 series 8-cylinder diesel engine and a new generation of integrated hydraulic transmission, with a maximum power of 1000 horsepower and a maximum speed of 70 km / h. It adopts an advanced liquid-gas suspension system similar to the Japanese Type 10 main battle tank, which can reduce the height of the tank in a special state, which is very suitable for complex terrain operations such as mountains, especially in plateau areas. Wading 1.2m,There are 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears
The VT5 uses composite armor in armor protection, modular additional armor that can be selected according to the intensity of the mission, and the hull body and turret are protected by composite armor. The front of the turret was equipped with wedge-spaced armor. The aft half of the turret was surrounded by storage racks, and the ammunition compartment was equipped with an armored isolation layer and an ammunition explosion suppression system,The VT-5 had a large upper head angle and was equipped with a layer of reactive armor. Due to the design of the hull, the VT-5’s lower part is more likely to be bombed, so the first lower part is equipped with a layer of heavy explosive anti-shell, which not only protects against direct shells, but also enhances the protection of the front of the hull against mines or IEDs. Thick additional armor similar to the M1A2 TUSK could be installed on the skirt armor on the sides of the hull, which increased the side defense



Origin: China

Tankmen: 3 people

Dimensions and weight

Weight: 33-36 tons

Length (barrel reach): 9.2 m

Body length: about 7.5 meters

Width: 3.3 meters

Height (turret roof): 2.5 m


Main gun: 105 mm smoothbore gun

Machine guns: 1 x 12.7 mm, 1 x 7.62 mm

Grenade launcher: 1 40 mm

Pitch range: between -5 and +15 degrees

Horizontal rotation angle range: 360 degrees

Ammunition load

Main guns: 38 pieces


Engine: 8V150 diesel engine

Engine power: 1,000 hp

Maximum road speed: 70 km/h

Cruising range: 450 km


Gradeability: 60%

Roll: 30%

Vertical climbing height: 0.85 m

Trench width: 2.7 m

Wading depth: 1.2 meters



【Below is a photo of the VT5 additional armor】


R-C (3)
OIP-C (2)
R-C (4)
OIP-C (1)
[Ammunition that can be fired by VT5]



The VT5 can fire DTW2-105 tail stabilized deshelling armor-piercing shells and BTA2 tail stabilized deshelling armor-piercing shells, according to manual data, weighing 18.8 kg, projectile 5.9 kg, propellant 5.8 kg, projectile length 704.5 mm, muzzle velocity 1540 m / s, and penetration depth of “2000 mm / 66.4 ° homogeneous steel armor from 2000 meters away” (equivalent to 550 mm vertical armor)
R-C (6)



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