Vt4 front era

why the heck is the vt4’s era modeling so wonky? the very obvious individual fy4 plates are grouped so that your hull is much weaker than it should be. ztz99a doesnt have this problem. The turret era also comes off as one piece.


Russian bias

Meanwhile russian MBTs have every single ERA blocks modelled

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russian bias

Well not at all in fact, especially on K-1 but also happens on K-5 or relikt
In fact almost every nation have grouped ERA unless they have 0 vehicles with ERA (Japan :)
I think grouped ERA is same as reload time, is a way to balence

bcz it ain’t russian, they give hours if not days of their time to model them russ tanks right or even give them features they do not have irl, but on other nations (exept sweden) they give minutes if not seconds

that wouldnt make any sense as the already more armored and better performing 99a and wz1001 both have individually modeled fy4 on the hull and turret. So thats simply not the case for vt4.

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