VT-4A1: Actively Protected!

The VT-4A1 is the later modification of Chinese main battle tanks developed specifically for foreign operators while incorporating many cutting edge technologies from other domestic vehicles of the time. Today we’ll be talking about this tank which is arriving to War Thunder in the “Air Superiority” major update!

VT-4A1: An MBT for China at Rank VIII


  • Powerful main gun!
  • Low silhouette.
  • Active Protection System.
  • Excellent mobility.

Vehicle History

What would eventually become the VT-4 was developed by NORINCO in an effort to produce a more cost-effective Chinese MBT design intended for the export market. Simultaneously this would incorporate much of the latest technologies built into the standard PLA combat vehicles of the time. Formal work on the project began in 2009, with the tank being revealed to the public for the first time in 2012.

From a design perspective, the VT-4 inherited many features from the ZTZ99A, ranging from its autoloading system and going up to the ERA protection used for the design. Since its introduction, NORINCO also developed an improved variant, the VT-4A1, which most notably features a new turret fitted with a hardkill active protection system. Thailand was the first country to procure a large number of VT-4s in 2016 with Pakistan and Nigeria following suit in the years after. In total, around 350 VT-4s have currently been produced.

Meet the VT-4A1!

The VT-4A1 will arrive at the top of China’s ground tree at the all-new Rank VIII for ground forces in War Thunder! Featuring compact dimensions, superb firepower and enhanced protection, the VT-4A1 incorporates many of the design features already familiar to other Chinese tanks. Let’s take a look at the details!

Representing the successor to the MBT-2000 which you may already be familiar with, the VT-4A1 has substantial upgrades over its predecessor. While inheriting the same level of firepower as found on other Chinese MBTs at its rank, the VT-4A1 really sets itself apart from its close relatives when it comes to protection. Featuring a blend of composite armor in its hull and turret as well as additional FY-4 ERA blocks bolted on the front and side sections, this tank is ideally protected against the most common threats found at top tier battles, especially concerning chemical munitions.

Download Wallpaper:

Furthermore, the VT-4A1 comes fitted with a hardkill Active Protection System (APS), which is a feature that hasn’t yet been featured on Chinese ground vehicles! As a result, when playing this tank, you’ll enjoy additional protection from this advanced defensive system, which is capable of automatically neutralizing incoming enemy rounds. ATGMs are going to have a hard time attacking this tank!

Although the VT-4A1 can boast about much improved protection, this upgrade does come at the expense of additional weight. Namely, this tank’s combat weight has increased to 52 tons compared to the 48 tons of the MBT-2000. In order to offset the additional weight, this tank is equipped with a more powerful 1300 HP engine.

However, this upgrade only manages to partially offset the substantially increased weight of the VT-4A1 as its top speed dips to slightly to 70 km/h — whilst being lower than the WZ1001(E) LCT for example, this tank’s mobility can by no means be considered poor. In fact, with a good power-to-weight ratio, the VT-4A1 can zip around the battlefield and conquer even the most challenging terrain types with relative ease.

In your matches by Tom, Community Management Team Leader: “Like pretty much every top MBT, a vehicle like this can play anywhere effectively. But to get the most out of your survivability consider playing at range hull down. The lower plate is very weak, and as the turret is free of ammo this is the area you’ll want to operate it. The APS does have the chance to also stop slower kinetic rounds as well as ATGMs, so the further away from your enemy you are, the higher the possibility of your APS working against their dart.”

The VT-4A1 will be available in the Chinese ground forces tree as its first brand-new Rank VIII tank, coming to the next major update “Air Superiority”! That’s it for this blog, until the next one, keep an eye on the news and enjoy your matches!

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Will this thing still only have older Chinese camouflages? The ZTZ99A is the only one with a digital camo that isnt market only right now and alot of top tier Chinese tanks could have modern digital desert and forest camouflages


Is this a pack?

Nope, it’s one of China’s end of the line vehicles!

When will we get the acknowledged spall lining on Chinese tanks

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ETA on Thai’s VT-4 for JP?

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