VT-4 A1 Hull DEV Server Issue 车体装甲错误

2 issues:

  1. There is an obvious cavity on the UFP composite module(see attached files), There is no source to back up such a cavity existed in the armor. According to an interview by Global Times, the designer of VT-4 said “VT4外贸坦克的复合装甲的防护水平超过500毫米均质钢装甲,加装反应装甲后超过700毫米。”
    which translates to “VT-4s for export have protection level which exceeds 500mm of RHA, and when equipped with ERA, the protection level will exceed 700mm”
    首上装甲有明显空腔,根据总设计师的采访冯总说“装甲因该超过500毫米均质钢等效” 目前游戏中数据约为390.

Source: https://www.guancha.cn/military-affairs/2014_12_05_302564_s.shtml

  1. The thinner ERAs on the UFP should be FY-2s instead of FY–4s. They are too thin to be FY-4s, see attached photo as a reference. They should not offer effective protection against tandem warheads but still work against KE projectiles and simpler HEAT shells.



If you agree here is the bug report link:


So you want them to buff the composite armor and nerf the ERA? Suppose your sources are correct, that will make the VT4 even shittier armor wise, but I guess it’s the reality?

The hull armor won’t practically get any worse, the UFP parts covered by FY-2 are extremely sloped and can bounce apfsds even without ERAs.

It turns out that they even neff it.Alas