VT-1 missiles need to get unnerfed

Its just not possible to shot down fixed wings. The missile just doesn’t track even the simplest maneuvers. Its also bad that you can’t steer it for the first couple of seconds. You can’t hit any target which is flying over the ground part of the map. And you can’t hit anything farther away, since the missile gets suddenly unsteerable over 8km or something. Also its strangely spiraling after you fire it.

You’re just a victim, easily farmed by F-16 and such.


to be honest and straight forward with it, it won’t get unnerfed, Gaijin is working on making the game mechanics as realistic as possible. First (from what i recall) with the addition of AAM slowing down after engine is done running and height influence, then with the SPAA Radar having actual ground clutter (rendering some early SPAA’s radar almost useless such as ZSU-37-2 and ZSU-23-4), then the SPAA missiles themselves we’re nerfed (like the VT-1), and most recently the ATGM’s have been nerfed.
Thats from our persepctive as players and gamers, but to speak realistically. They are simply given a as realistic as possible setting to match the real life counterparts, so most vehicles and their mechanics might keep on getting nerfed and nerfed. And i do like these changes to making things realistic and all, but in this case i’d say give the SPAA truck a BR that would suit it better: as it only has 2 missiles and the VT-1 do be sucking (i don’t have it but i hear its horrible).

‘‘it wont get unnerfed’’ Thing is the missile hoggling around is unrealistic failure of the update of more realistic flight models, it likely will get fixed at some point. Yes, it added realistic flight model but broken missile behavior. So, to be realistic, this will get corrected. If you care at all im also writing a bug report on roland missiles smoke, the heavy smoke should only be for 1.7sec, as currently the broken missiles rely on not being seen to hit jets (cant hit maneuvering targets), this would greatly increase the possibility of kill.

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I don’t think its real as its is. Its rather easy to watch yt clips of VT1 beeing fired. And guess what, they don’t spriral around like a drunk after beeing fired. They also don’t try to follow a position where the locked target was like 20 seconds ago, always hopelessly lagging behind.

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Just a quick reply, but I’ve also been rather unsatisfied with basically all missiles performing poorly.
I strongly believe that they’re still tweaking and working on this whole missile thing, what we’ve received definitely isn’t right in most cases and will get fixed eventually. At least I hope so lol

Gaijing might bre trying to make things as realistic as possible, but they fail at that, because of a few reasons :

  • new ATGM mechanics made the use of any and all ATGM extremely unfair, as there seems to be some desync for people with a medium to poor internet connexion like me (200 ping average). ATGMs having a lock like SAM and Helios also have that problem. That creates totally unfair disadvantages and make the game not only Pay2Grind but also even more internet dépendant as it used to.
  • ATGM like the VT1 area far from being as wobbly as it is in game, which complicates enormously the aiming of vehicles at loner ranges, but also depletes the missile’s energy much quicker. On the other hand, the Vikhr used on the kat50 is still far from wobbling as much as it does IRL (and videos of it are EASY to find)
  • Lastly, I would be very surprised to find out that semi modern SAM systems like the VT1 suite, or even the 2S6 don’t have leading algorithm such as the one present on the Tor in game. I have noticed that aside from the Pantsir, the Tor might very well be the SAM that was the less impacted by the new ATGM behavior thanks to its leading mode at longer ranges

The Tor M1 was less affected by “new ATGM behaviour” because it’s missile physics were implemented from the very beginning.