Vsync still broken in EC SIM Air Battles after 2 years

It´s unbelievable that after 2 years this bug in SIm Air Battles or the awfull version that Gaijin came up with called “EC” is still going on. It´s completely random it happens every match some times right away while you on the runnawy taking off for the first time on the match or after some minutes flying, the crazy stuttering image like the vsync all the sudden stops working making impossible to play. What is the matter with this company for this complete lack of quality control and disregard for their customers. I am sick and tired of this lack of respect from Gaijin.


I don’t think it’s a vsync issue. The engine has a serious issue, I think netcode/desync related that causes the entire rendered world to vibrate, looking like float errors. It happens on matches that have been running for a little bit, like 30 mins+ so it also happens in custom battles. It looks like your screen has a seizure when you’re in the cockpit right? It also causes the ground to vibrate under your plane for me.

It can be that too. This company sux the game is all broken.