Vsync still broken in EC SIM Air Battles after 2 years

It´s unbelievable that after 2 years this bug in SIm Air Battles or the awfull version that Gaijin came up with called “EC” is still going on. It´s completely random it happens every match some times right away while you on the runnawy taking off for the first time on the match or after some minutes flying, the crazy stuttering image like the vsync all the sudden stops working making impossible to play. What is the matter with this company for this complete lack of quality control and disregard for their customers. I am sick and tired of this lack of respect from Gaijin.


I don’t think it’s a vsync issue. The engine has a serious issue, I think netcode/desync related that causes the entire rendered world to vibrate, looking like float errors. It happens on matches that have been running for a little bit, like 30 mins+ so it also happens in custom battles. It looks like your screen has a seizure when you’re in the cockpit right? It also causes the ground to vibrate under your plane for me.

It can be that too. This company sux the game is all broken.

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1 hour room begins to stutter for me.


So if I want to play, I search for fresh rooms.

It’s quite insane that Gaijin has no intent on fixing this. They simply don’t care about any battle that lasts longer than 20 minutes, it’s no wonder why they haven’t kept an Air RB EC mode.

I’m not sure why I spend money on this game.

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I have around 400 hours in sim, I’ve only seen that happen once last summer… you sure your problem isn’t on your end?

I am on console though, could be why. Although I haven’t heard my friend complain about it

400 hours? Like 200 EC battles?

Sorry, but I want you to play EC room from the beginning and fly with your friend in formation when this room is older than 1.5 hours.
Short video clip with time visible on map screen will be cool.

There’s no other MMO combat flighsim

I’m just sharing my experience (478 hours of air sim experience to be exact), I’m not gonna go out of my way to play a 2 hour game just to record a video clip for you…(I’m also kinda on a break until Fox 3’s arrive) I recognise the stuttering/vsync issue in your video because it happened once a year ago.

Around 95% of my games I fly with my wingman, I hardly ever fly alone. I’ve also flown countless games from start until the end. I also used to organise weekly sim games for the community where we played full games every weekend… Saying I need to ‘experience’ a long EC game is kind of weird, I’ve already experienced it more than I can count

So, it happened and it’s not a problem only on my side.

You have 1000+ airsim battles and 478 hours.
This just means you don’t play in one room even for one hour.

As I said before, this problem happens after 1 hour of gameplay when you fly very close to other players.

Glad to meet console sim player, btw

once, a year ago. Hardly conclusive

I’m not trying to say this issue doesn’t exist for you or devalue your experience, I’m just adding my experience as it’s clearly not an issue for everyone. My experience being 478 hours, plenty of 2-3+ hour games almost always with my wingman and being the organiser of weekly sim games for the community where 8-16 people participated for full games. I do faintly recall a Swedish guy having a similar issue I could dm with him, but if I understood him correctly his issue was with his internet, he was using mobile-network from his phone and he also said it became laggy after an hour or so.

This is standard, just a little server-hopping (due to ghost-lobby bug, enemy team leaving, quickly testing weaponry/jets and having a life) will drastically lower your average time in a game.
You should know this as you actually only average 13 minutes per sim game, whilst I average 26 minutes per sim game, twice the average session-length as you. But you don’t seem to be complaining about 13 minutes in?

they hate sim players

the sim game is broken, but gaijin havent intress fro fix that, there are many noobs ready to spend 70 euros for a copycat of M1a1 or F104 soo, no hope in gaijin. We need to brake this monopoly

Who, Gaijin?

yep, gaijin

There’s plenty of issues with sim, Economy, objectives etc but from my understanding it’s not ‘unplayable’ due to these Vsync issues an hour into the game for the vast majority of players.

I don’t think they hate sim, it’s just that for every SB player, there’s 50 RB players crying about their tank shells not having enough penetration or whatever, so naturally they get the most attention from Gaijin. We’re just vastly outnumbered

I don’t know where you got this info.
Maybe with ground battles together?
Or maybe with old times, when there were short air sim battles.

Maybe. But I googled a lot of similar topics on forums and bug reports. The planes are jittering. And, judging by the attached videos, this happens in old rooms, when the game has been going on for more than an hour.
Apparently, this is not related to vsync, and the server is simply accumulating errors due to bad netcode.

Today. Noticed in 1 hour 10 minutes old room.