VS-10 / VS-8 guns overheating

Those boats carries multiples 15mm autocannons, although they are multiple and without reload cartridges, these guns overheat too fast, just pre-spraying before the AI makes the correction on distance up to 1/3 of the time before overheating was already consumed, this afects too much on gameplay, against adversaries that wouldnt overheat its guns against one or few enemies in short time. Many time one will die because needed to stop firing on a fight.

Therefore i would like to increase its time to overheat and be good competitor in its BR

  • Yes, the time before overheat should expand
  • No, it should not

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I’ll agree the speed of the overheat should be reduced be it on the MG151/15 (A reason why I don’t use these boats with this cannon tbh), As yeah it’s a bit to much than again I think I remember reading that the rate of overheat is a balancing mechanic for all automatic weaponry (cries in 3"/50 Mk.22 cannons (Mk.27, Mk.33, Mk.34 mounts) that jam after 27 shells).

On the bright side german 3.7 cm Flak-Lafette C/36 autocannons have no overheat meanwhile similar cannons do including some that overheat like these 15 mm of this topic.


Exactly, on the other hand lots of boat doesnt have overheat mechanic and get kill easily off the bat

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