VRCC Premium is BS

I usually don´t write anything about any vehicle but the VRCC is pure frustration. But first how could i dare to make conclusions. Well i play WT since 2014 and since then I mainly play light tanks.
So here are my points:

Zoom in scope: absolut horror. You loose track of your surroundings because you zoom in until you can
see bacteria replicate.
Gun: a bit over 400 pen is nice… If the gun would do any damage at all when you pen someone.
Example object 292 2 Shots lower mid turret 2 shots at the driver from the side. No damage
nothing not even a scratch on a module… and i penned. So that aswell is freaking hilarius

Rangefinder: its a 50/50 chance often it measures too short sometimes it measures too far so its a
gamble to use it.

Turret Rotation: with a bit over 18° per second a bit slow in combination with your extremly small
sightpicture its cancer.

Reload speed: with nearly 8 second reload with a normal crew its cancer. you either miss because of
the range finder if you hit there a good chance you deal no damage and then you have a
nearly 8s reload. in short you loose most battles.

speed: actually the only thing which is good nothing to complain about the speed.

conclusion: DONT BUY IT!!! for the price its a rip off and its cancer to play because at distance you either don´t hit because of your broken range finder or you hit pen and often deal no damage at all. Oh and at the snail u ever thought about fixing you F**** rangefinder and damage calculation on this tank ?

youre complaining about a 9.7 vehicle that is better than its tech tree counterpart, lol, lmao even


The VRCC is a fantastic light tank.


well its not good as simple as that

point out why every one could say its amazing but without any reason i see no point

Its thousand times better than Type 16 FPS and better than Wolfpack win all but penetration,but that aint issue cause you are light so u flank anyway.

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wolfpack empty turret better damage if you pen faster turret rotation faster reload… don´t see where the vrcc is better except for the armor maybe

As an Italian and a BIG Centauro lover, even though I’ve never used the VRCC, I think it’s pretty ok in the area it’s in, I don’t see the reason to say it’s crap.
There are bugs, but in that case they must be reported.
As for whether to buy it or not, that choice is up to people to decide, in the end it’s their money
I believe that the vehicle, problems aside, is ok in the area in which it is located

Honestly speaking, I would like to see more Spanish vehicles in the Italian tech tree, or premium ones, like ASCOD or the Dràgon (Maybe I’m wrong with the name)

You don’t always have to be in your scope. The VRCC has commander optics with both low and high magnification modes. If you don’t like that, there’s always the trusty old binoculars.

Mobility wise,Wolfpack takes ages to turn,have awful -5 degrees depression and also is slower in acceleration than Centauro. Also its DM33 is enough to kill anything even frontally. And the reload is same,both are 7.1. Wolfpack have autoloader yes,but still.

I got it yesterday, I personally like it. The rooikat blurry thermals was a deal breaker for me, also the engine in the front in the vrcc increase survivability a little bit. The rooikat has faster turret traverse and better gun depression though. One thing is sure, this wheeled vehicles are all better than the old premiums Leopard I and Amx-30 super in almost every single aspect.