VR schrage musik sight broken

It’s misaligned.

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That’s not a very detailed or useful report.

But yes, I assume that’s an issue too, as many things in WT in VR are misaligned, or on strange focus level, or simply not behaving like in non VR-mode (target locks for SPAAG for example being LOS in gunner view, and not actually locked onto the target…)

There is not much I can say about how it’s misaligned, the one who is going to fix it is gonna see the problem and they will analyze what is going on. To describe it easily. The reticle is not centered nor in a useful position. It’s moving weirdly corresponding to the head movement. So It’s not functioning at all is what I can say about the symptoms. It’s been like this for a while, I believe it’s not due to the recent change but the OpenXR stuff that brought different backgrounds rendered for both eyes. Back then the background used to be the same pictures copy pasted for both eyes. And the cockpit layer added to the rest. That’s how it’s used to work in the very early days. Yeah, I think it’s related to the OpenXR update.