VR rendering distance and grapics after SoA-update

After the update, VR is not anymore playable.

Graphics have this white hue over (like gamma or contrast settings are off) and other planes are visible only at very close. I mean, I can barely see airfield centry planes while on runway.

Smoke and contrails are also not visible and general quality of graphics are way worse than it was before update.

All drivers are up-to-date.

New to vr and render resolution in war thunder with quest 3 is horrible. Looks like 720p with textures and trees almost flickering from the low resolution. Cant find a fix anywhere and I refuse to believe that something like Oculus stray tool is the only way to scale the resolution up to close to clear. Game resolution is 1440p, but even with OTT scaling set to 1.5-2 I feel its not as clear as other games and I get render issues with stutter and the image not updating in sync if that makes sense. So dissapointing.

How are you connecting to the PC?

Make sure you use a 5Ghz WLAN, not 2.4GHz. This really is very important.

I “only” have a Q2, but never even needed to fiddle with the resolution or scaling. Quite perfect just out of the box…

Im using link cable. I’ve tried original meta c-c, kiwi design c-c and vortex vr cables with same resaults

Try out Air Link. For me it works much better, more reliable.