VR Ground vehicle sniper mode is bugged

while im in vr and using a ground vehicle if i enter sniper mode is seems the sight is not aligned with gun as it fires to the extreme right and down of the sight. i can provide video if needed currently using oculus rift s. also the binocular sight is acting odd for sighting the main gun when using it from binocular to commander position its a little harder to explain. can any one help ? do i need to reset my vr set or is this a warthunder fix?

Is this in Sim battles? Do you have “camera from tank sight” turned on in other modes? These will cause the parallax issue you are describing. The headset should not matter with where the sight reticle is with the gun zero.
Many tanks have custom sights for sim that account for close range parallax.

This is already submitted issue on warthunder issue tracking webpage:


It affects not only sniper or binoculars but also bomber sight in VR as well.
I have this on Quest 2 but there is also report of same happening on Pico Neo 4.

Exocetta, You dont need to be in any battle. This can be easily reproduced in a test drive with any ground unit.

Screens with example. On first screen the tank is in center of gun marker, on second You can see how does it look from gunner view. If I would shoot the gun in gunner view it will hit the tank and not go where the gunner sight points.

Any word on a fix yet?

Not yet but it came out that DLSS is a problem. If You turn it off in in-game graphics settings, the sights/binoculars get aligned correctly with the actual gun position.

Hm, using DLSS is making my game blurry, so it’s always off. So maybe because of this I never noticed such behavior.

On another (similar) note: Hope eventually radar/tracking symbols in tank sniper view get fixed eventually in VR! ATM a lock square for example is always centered on the aim point, not fixed to the target, which obviously makes using sniper view for SPAAGs and SAMs in VR utterly useless…

And don’t get me started on the turret vs VR-LOS issue… = /

I just had the same problem…but i fixed it. I was shooting low and left in the reticle. I went to graphics settings and ran a GPU bench mark at the bottom of the window and it fixed everything. I applied the max graphics setting and it worked. let me know if it works for you.

Good afternoon. has there been a solution to the problem? the same problem is on tanks, on ships, on guided missiles. Everything is flying down to the right. I play through Pico 4 - SteamVR