VR graphics quality

Hi everyone, so I’ve purchased Meta Quest 3 and wanted to try War Thunder VR, but I faced the issue with the texture quality - textures closer to central point of FOV were ok-ish but everything beyond about maybe 10 degrees was a mess, I tried different connection types(wireless, cable link) and apps (native meta connection, PC VR, Steam VR) every one of them gave the same results, Steam VR had slightly different effect - textures in the center of FOV were now even more clear, but everything beyond is even more smeared. I also tried playing with VR helmet’s screen resolution but it didn’t help.
I suppose it has something to do with how helmet suppose to have better render quality in places where player looks but obviously it doesn’t work in a sense it doesn’t follow the eyes and just fixated in the default position.
Is this a know problem? Anybody knows how to fix this?