Vought F-8J Crusader - The Most Capable of the Last Gunfighters

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Vought F-8J Crusader

The F-8J Crusader was the most capable version of the famed Vietnam-era carrier based fighter jet. It was the main fighter Crusader in Vietnam during 1971 and 1972, the last years of the war.

They were born out of the success of the F-8E in French Aeronavale service, which was known as the
F-8E (FN). Vought began remanufacturing F-8Es up to the FN standard early in 1968.

It featured several improvements, including strengthened wings, improved landing gear and arresting hook up to the A-7 standard and a boundary layer control system, featuring double droop full span leading edge along the wing, which greatly helped in landing the aircraft as it lowered the approach speed. Carried over from the F-8E (FN) was a larger horizontal stabilizer.

Other improvements included a more powerful engine, the P&W J57-P-420, an improved pulse-doppler AN/APQ-124 radar, AN/ASA-63 Missile Acquisition Programmer, ECM bulge near the top of the vertical stabilizer and external wet pylons for additional fuel tanks.

An interesting feature of this aircraft and one of the main reasons it would be interesting to see in the game, is BAT mode, a sort of ACM mode for the radar which the previous Crusaders lack in-game. Here is some information, spoilered below:




Technical data

Pratt & Whitney J57-P-420, axial flow, afterburning jet engine
Maximum power: 19600lbf
Military power: 12400 lbf
Normal power: 9150 lbf

Fuel and oil
Total usable fuel capacity: 1348 gallons
Fuel grade: JP-5
Oil: 6.1 gallons

Aircraft dimensions
Length: 54 ft, 5.75 in
Height: 15 ft, 9.1 in
Wing span: 35 ft, 8 in
Wing area: 375 sq. ft
Wing loading: 71.45 lbs/sq. ft, clean combat weight

Empty: 19,815 lb
Combat, field takeoff configuration: 26,792 lb
Combat weight, 60% fuel and 2x Sidewinders: 27408 lb
Combat weight, 60% fuel and 4x Sidewinders: 28115 lb
Normal takeoff, 100% fuel: 30,459 lb
Normal takeoff, 100% fuel with 2x Sidewinders: 31075 lb
Normal takeoff, 100% fuel with 4x Sidewinders: 31728 lb
Max. takeoff weight (MTOW), field: 34,000 lb
Max. landing on carrier: 25,000 lb


Military power, 30459 lb takeoff weight, clean
Max. speed at sea level: 616 knots, 1140kph
Rate of climb at sea level: 7850 ft/min (39.8 m/s)

Top speeds and rates of climb @ Maximum power, combat weight of 26792 lb, clean
At Sea level: 662 knots, 1226 kph.
At 10,000 ft: ~740 knots, 1370.48 kph
At 20,000 ft: ~837 knots, 1550.12 kph
At 30,000 ft: ~938 knots, 1737.18 kph
At 36,089 ft: 1000 knots, 1852 kph
At 40,000 ft: ~967 knots, 1790.88 kph
At 50,000 ft: ~550 knots, 1018.6 kph

Rates of climb:
At sea level: 22300 ft/min 113.28 m/s
At 10000 ft: ~19700 ft/min 100.08 m/s
At 13000 ft: ~28300 ft/min, 143.76 m/s
At 20000 ft: ~23600 ft/min, 119.89 m/s
At 30000 ft: ~16000 ft/min, 81.28 m/s
At 36000 ft: ~12700 ft/min, 64.52 m/s
At 40000 ft: ~7850 ft/min, 39.88 m/s

4x Colt Mk.12 Mod 3 20mm cannon (500 total rounds)

Air-to-air missiles:
AIM-9B Sidewinder
AIM-9C Sidewinder
AIM-9D Sidewinder
AIM-9G Sidewinder

EDIT: AIM-9G mentioned in the supplemental flight manual:



Ordnance options:





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4- F-8 Crusader in Detail and Scale, by Bert Kinzey
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6- Vought F-8 Crusader - Wikipedia


Is there a source for the F-8J using AIM-9G’s? It wasn’t listed on the Store Loading chart.

It was used in the 70s when the AIM-9L came…I don’t think you need a source for it to get AIM-9G based on that alone. Either way, it would definitely be 10.7, so it should get them for balance purposes even if it absolutely never used them IRL.

In my opinion, the F-8H would be a fantastic 10.7 with AIM-9G, and this F-8J could be a modification for the F-8H - choosing F-8H means better flight performance, choosing F-8J means better radar.
They could also put it at 11.0 with AIM-9L or 11.3 with AIM-95, which would also be awesome.

Yeah as EL337GH0ST said, the timeframe matches. Also, the F-8J (and H) had SEAM (Sidewinder Expanded Acquisition Mode) therefore it implies it could use AIM-9Gs, which was the missile that introduced SEAM to the Navy Sidewinders.

Also I know this is obviously not a source, but from what I’ve been reading in the DCS forums, the F-8J module that was (is?) in development includes AIM-9Gs.

That said I’m still gonna try to find a document that mentions 9Gs for the F-8J and possibly the F-8H since I also made a suggestion on it (pending approval).


I hope it gets a stronger wing like the F8E

One of the main improvements over the F-8E was a strengthened wing, yeah

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Found it. Mentioned in the supplemental F-8J flight manual:




There you go. This is the kind of documentation needed for the devs to consider the suggestion. Good job finding it, king!

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+1 Would overall be a unique addition to the US Air tree, even if it is in a folder!

One interesting part is, would they actually add the external fuel tanks shown in the 2nd store loading table. I dont know if the F-8 in game has it either

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Crusaders (fighter variant) were retired by 1976, and the AIM-9L entered service around 1977-1978, so it wouldn’t get 9Ls.

F-8J was also just a modified/upgraded F-8E, so it would make more sense for it to be a mod of that (F-8Hs were upgraded F-8Ds, like how F-8Ks were upgraded F-8Cs)

There are pictures of Crusaders testing 9Ls

Only in testing, never operationally.

It makes sense for certain aircraft to get weapons they only tested, if its performance warrants a BR where it’ll be facing similar weapons on capable platforms (slow-moving non-maneuverable attackers don’t count).

For the F-8J, it just doesn’t make sense, seeing as it’d be 10.7 tops.

As far as I know, those stores were only ever on the F-8J, and even then likely weren’t used operationally.

Yeah it’d make most sense to just put it at 10.7 with AIM-9Gs tbh

I made an F-8H suggestion (pending approval) including the tested weapons, 9Ls and AIM-95s. I’m just providing the information. Gaijin can do with that information whatever they see fit.

Funnily enough, I’d prefer the F-8H over the F-8J lol

Either way, I’m glad you’ve made these suggestions, and it is neat that you included tested/evaluated weapons

Yeah it’d probably be a tiny bit more competitive than the F-8J, being around 1000lb lighter

I think F-8J could be 10.7 and guess in a folder with F-8E or seperate vehicle from F-8E


Yes please! And done you dare make it event or prem. Best versions should be TT imo, id say experimental, proto, or duplicat versions with a niche that isnt better than the latter version is perfect Event/Prem material.


I really want to see it in game whether it is a Premium or Regular Tech Tree. It could definitely fall between a better premium than the F5C but something more agile than the F4S. Either way this would be great.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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