Vote to temporarily replace Pantsir-S1 with the TOR-M2

I cant make polls, someone just copy this and make a poll! pls


I think some people would like to see this change because the Pantsir-S1 is very powerful when it comes to range compared to other nations, and why add it before the TOR-M2 in the first place?

Pantsir range: 18km

TOR-M2 range: 12km

As you can see 12km is the same as VT-1 that is already in the game. Not to mention the TOR is already in the chinese Tech-Tree (M1) version.
There is an wheeled version of the TOR-M2 aswell.


And planes weaponary can be shoot outside of 12km range so no.

here you go


yes and only russia has sth that can counter it great, that isnt balance. but sadly i doubt gajin gonna do this. For now we propably are stuck with the current top tier spaas until iris slm system can be added for european nations at least i am not knowledgable about possible versions for other nations

No. TOR-M2 is superior to Pantsir within 12km.

@x_Shini No. Soviets have zero aircraft that can counter Pantsir. All the aircraft that counter Pantsir are in other tech trees.
F-14B, Tornados [Britain, Germany, and Italy], Mirage 2000D & 5F, F-16s with Mavericks can counter them.
So that leaves only Sweden & Soviets themselves that can’t counter Pantsir easily.

NATO anti-air doctrine is basically “Jets, go kill”

One of the reasons I kind of get it why only Soviets have good Anti-air system. But I don’t see why other systems keep getting nerfed at this stage, they need buffs.

Another slightly unorthodox way could be giving abunch of aircraft AGM-65D mavericks, with the IR imager. This allows aircraft to spot and react to pansirs a lot quicker and easier.

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that is true, but recent developments showed the need of mobile anti air as well, that is why europeans at least are devloping their own launchers
in development right now iris t sls mk 3 from diehl defence


and this one finished development for norwegian and is in production , chassis from germany and could be used for sweden and germany. Kongsberg presents NASAMS with IRIS-T missles on a german ACSV G5 chassis



opticaly i currently prefer the Kongsberg one

While slightly true the tornadoes dont get mavericks only gbu’s

GBUs out-range all SPAA, including Pantsir. As Pantsir’s missile only has an effective range of ~12km, and if you play CAS right, you’re going mach 1 nearly perpendicular so its 30Gs isn’t enough pull.

SLS might be bought in MAD config:

Basically SLM but a one-in-all vehicle, radar is Giraffe X with detection range of 75km’s.

would certainly be nicer, same size as flakrakrad, pantsyr and co, but has 8 missle launcheable, with more stored ? not sure, while the ones i send only got 4 max, but slightly smaller silhouette

It’s still up in the air. They have three choices at hand;

  • the SLS Mk.III you sent
  • SLS MAD (can use SLM missiles)
  • Boxer SLS (basically Boxer chassis with IRIS-T missiles, 6 of them)

Any would be good, but Boxer and MAD are IMO the best options - SLM missiles with 40x20km sphere of death, Boxer zooming around.

another thing i would love to see is ,if they make the skyrangers compatible with iris-t as well, thats only 2-4 , but certainly a dangerous close air denial (if they get ahead to work in war thunder)

All i need just make jet with thermal pod render ground and track more than 18 km that enough for me